7 Best Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight

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Best Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight
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No one can deny that weight loss is a very challenging task.  We try to do many types of exercise, follow a healthy and strict diet routine, but even then it is very difficult to lose weight.

So if we are able to make small changes in our everyday lifestyle, then it can help us in losing weight, and can also benefit our health a lot.

In this article, we will learn about 10 simple morning habits that can help us in losing weight and will also be very beneficial for our health.

Daily routine for weight loss

1. Have Warm Water

The first thing we should drink in the morning after waking up is a glass of warm water.  Because drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning proves to be very helpful in cleaning our digestive system and promoting metabolism.  In both Ayurveda and Japanese culture, it is recommended to drink warm water first thing in the morning after waking up.

Ayurveda suggests drinking two glasses of clean, lukewarm water to stay energetic, productive, creative, and happy throughout the day. We need to keep in mind that the water should be lukewarm and not very hot.

2. Eat a High-Protein Breakfast

Best Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight
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Breakfast is considered to be the most important and essential meal of the day.  And what we eat for breakfast is also very important.  If you do not give much importance to breakfast, then it can prove to be harmful to you.  We need to make sure that we have a protein- and fiber-rich breakfast every morning.  This is because proteins take a long time to digest, which makes us feel full.  Therefore, eating a high-protein breakfast can go a long way in reducing appetite and reducing weight.

To start our day well, we should include excellent protein sources like eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, and chia seeds in breakfast.


Studies show that a high-protein breakfast can aid in weight loss by reducing our appetite and ghrelin secretion.

 3. Exercise 

Best Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight
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Working out for at least 20 minutes every morning can help a lot in losing weight.  You can do any type of exercise, whether you go to the gym, swimming or walking.  Experts also believe that we should make exercise and physical activity a part of our daily routine because it is very important for our physical and mental health.

One of the main reasons behind this is that exercising every morning can help us to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.  Because low blood sugar can result in excessive hunger, and there can be many negative side effects.


It has been revealed in many studies that exercising in the morning helps in improving blood sugar control and boosting metabolism.

 Weight Loss Tips

4. Get Some Sun 

Best Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight
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Exposure to sunlight every day can help us lose weight.  The study found that exposure to sunlight at certain times of the day can help reduce weight and prevent weight gain.

Exposure to sunlight is a great way to meet our vitamin D needs.  Sometimes vitamin D is not given much importance.  But Vitamin D helps in improving our mood, improves organ function, and can also play an important role in keeping us motivated.


Exposure to sunlight can have an effect on weight.  Sunlight is very important for meeting our vitamin D needs, and it can help us lose weight and prevent weight gain.

 5. Pack Your Lunch

If you are constantly trying to lose weight, then eating out is not a good option.  Planning your lunch, and choosing the right foods can be an easy way to lose weight.

Because eating home-cooked food improves the quality of the diet and greatly reduces the risk of excess body fat.  So add nutrient-rich, healthy foods to your diet.  And try to eat more and more home-cooked food.


It has been revealed in research that eating home-cooked food significantly improves the quality of the diet, and it also reduces the risk of obesity.

 6. Grab A Bottle 

Best Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight
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According to experts, a healthy adult should drink at least 3 liters of water every day.  Drinking more water can also help us in losing weight.  The logic behind this is that drinking more water makes us less hungry, and drinking water makes us feel full, and as a result, we eat less food.

So always keep a water bottle with you, and drink at least 2.5-3 liters of water a day.

7. Start Tracking Your Intake

If you are really serious about losing weight then you have to hold yourself accountable.  “So keep an eye on what you eat.”  Keeping a food diary can be a very effective method for this.

We need to build a tracking system to monitor our diet and exercise.  This will really help us to lose weight.  Because with this we will give importance to exercise and choose nutritious foods.  So you can use an app, or use a diary, to track how much you exercise, what you eat and drink.


Studies show that using a food diary to track your diet and exercise can help with rapid weight loss.

Final Thoughts 

For fast weight loss, we have to change our morning habits, adopting the right habits in the morning can be an easy and effective way to lose weight. Your day can be successful with a great start in the morning. Therefore, you too can include these habits in your daily routine for the best start to your morning.

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