75 Best Anime Pick Up Lines That You Will Love

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Anime Pick-Up Lines: Similar interests are a very essential part of any relationship. “And there is nothing better than using them in flirting.” If you and your soul mate are anime fans, use an anime-related pickup line to impress them.

Here are the list of 75 best anime pickup lines, you should use today.  

Anime Pick-Up Lines

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1. “Hey darling, I must be in Infinite Tsukuyomi, cause you’re like a dream come true.” (Naruto)

2. “Do You Have The Byakugaan, Cuz It Feels Like You Can See Right Through My Heart.”

3. “Are you a trap card? Because I’ve Fallen for you.” (Yu-Gi-Oh)

4. “You and me like All Hanshin Kyojin.” (Lovely Complex)

5. “Did Buu attack you? Because you’re as sweet as candy” (Dragon Ball)

6. “No need for crying anymore, baby. I’ll personally ensure you get home safe. Unless you’d rather stay with me.” (Space Dandy)

7. “Equivalent exchange. I’ll give you half of my life, so give me half of yours!” (Fullmetal Alchemist, Brotherhood)

8. “With you, our house turns into a howl’s moving castle.” (Howl’s moving castle)

9. “Do you have a pen? So I can write your virginity in my death note.” (Death Note)

10. “Call me All Might cause I’m just looking to Texas Smash” (My Hero Academia)

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11. “Hold my hand. I like keeping my treasure close.” (One Piece)

12. “Our love is over 9000. Know what I am Saiyan?” (Dragon Ball)

13. “Do you believe in fate? How about you stay the night?” (Fate)

14. “Baby, you can call me Luffy, because I’ll bend anyway you want me to.” (One Piece)

15. “After all this is over, I’m going to have 99 virgins, but you won’t be one.” (Nine Twelve)

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Naruto Pick-Up Lines

16. “Are you Gaara? Because love is written all over your face.” (Naruto)

17. “Girl have you mastered the Rasengan? Because every time your hand touches me you make me dizzy.” (Naruto)

18. “Infinite Tsukuyomi must have activated because you are everything I’ve dreamed of.” (Naruto)

19. “I don’t need to use Byakugan to see into your heart.” (Naruto)

20. “You’re hotter than the Amaterasu.” (Naruto)

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Anime Pick Up Lines, Best anime pick up lines, Naruto pick up lines, Anime Pickup Lines

21. “All the nubile lolis in my harem don’t think that I’m a complete loser.”

22. “Are you a tuner monster? Because you’re powering up my Syncro.” (Yugioh)

23. “Roses are red, Light is dead, will you be the butter to my bread?”

24. “Are you from dragon ball, because I wanna blow my picciload in you.” (Dragon Ball)

25. “Are you Emilia? Because I love you.” (Re:zero)

26. “I don’t need 99 souls. All I need is yours.” (Soul Eater)

27. “Did you like Ghostory? How about making our story?” (Ghostory)

28. “I will sacrifice my body to be with you.” (Fullmetal Alchemist)

29. “You’ve changed my time and life like a microwave.” (Steins;Gate)

30. “My Future Diary shows that we will live happily.” (Mirai Nikki)

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31. “I wish I was a demon because I really want you to slay me tonight.”

32. “You are a real Lucky Star in my daily life.” (Lucky Star)

33. “Are you Nezuko? Because I want to be in your box.” (Demon Slayer)

34. “Something is rising and it isn’t the shield hero.” (The rising of the Shield hero)

35. “Can you be my lover? I’ll give you a cola.” (Kaguya sama: love is war)

36. “I’m damn good. Believe it!”

37. “Are you a camera? Because I wanna smash you anytime.”

38. “I know a mystery even Detective Conan can’t solve: The mystery of how you got so damn beautiful!” (Case Closed)

39. “Hey, I’m Not Zenitsu, But Being With You Is One Thing I Want To Hone To Perfection.”

40. “You are like Oracle and Navi, guide me to a better future.” (Person 5)

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41. “You are the most perfect weapon for a god.” (Noragami)

42. “We are like a couple of bad thieves. We always leave baccano behind.” (Baccano!)

43. “Girl have you mastered the Rasengan? Because every time your hand touches me you make me dizzy.” (Naruto)

44. “Zoro has the three sword style. But I’m really good with my one sword.” (One Piece)

45. “Let me take a one piece of your devil fruit.” (One Piece)

46. “Are you not Natsu by any chance? Because you’re hot.” (Fairy Tail)

47. “Are you a loli? Because you’re worth going to jail for.” (A lolicon)

48. “NeoTokyo must be in trouble, because I’m looking at an angel right.” (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

49. “Show me your Bankai, big boy.” (Bleach)

50. “Is your name Kira? Because I’m eager to catch you.” (Death Note)

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Cute Anime Pick-Up Lines

Anime Pick Up Lines, Best anime pick up lines, Naruto pick up lines, Anime Pickup Lines

51. “Let me learn the “shape” of your Mononoke.” (Mononoke)

52. “If I just had a Geass, I’d command you to be mine.” (Code Geass)

53. “Are you a Wing Spiker? Cause you make my pulse spike too!” (Haikyuu)

54.  “When I’m with you, I feel like Gray Fullbuster. Want to undress.” (Fairy Tail)

55. “Am I getting turned on because of the key in my back or because of you?” (Nichijou)

56. “Why do I need 100 guys when I have a cherry boy like you.” (B Gata H Kei)

57. “Is your name Tsumugi Kotobuki? Because your sweets are wonderful.” (K-on)

58. “Your soul is an excellent dish that all demons and butlers dream to taste.” (Black Butler)

59. “Are you a part of the phantom thieves? Because you just stole my heart.” (Persona 5)

60. “Is your name Erza? Cause my cheeks go Scarlet when I think of you.” (Fairy Tale)

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61. “Are you from Howl’s Moving Castle? Because you take my spirit away.” (Howl’s Moving Castle)

62. “Aren’t you from the Grace Field House? You look like a delicacy.” (The Promised Neverland)

63. “It’s good that I don’t have a Behelit. After all, you are my love.” (Berserk)

64. “I can be the Aizawa to your sleeping bag.” (My Hero Academia)

65. “Even if it means risking my existence, I’ll cross different world lines just to find you.” (Steins;Gate)

66. “Did you use Gowther’s Invasion to seduce me?” (The Seven Deadly Sins)

67. “Do you hear Hellsing? It’s me trying to make a Lovesing to you.” (Hellsing)  

68. “Can I touch your Pikacheeks?” (Pokemon)

69. “Better wear my sunglasses because you Meiko my day so bright.” (Prison School)

70. “Are you Hiro? Because I want you to be my darling.” (Darling in the Franxx)

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Anime Pick Up Lines, Best anime pick up lines, Naruto pick up lines, Anime Pickup Lines

71. “Girl when I see you, mokuton activates in my pants for no reason.” (Naruto)

72. “I think I need a paralyze heal, cause you’re stunning.” (Pokemon)

73. “Isn’t your name Historia? Because you are my queen.” (Attack on Titan)

74. “Surely you have Sun Flame, because you illuminate my life.” (Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)

75.  “You are so beautiful that I came back from the dead and turned into a shiki.” (Shiki)

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