150+ Funny WiFi Names – Best, Creative, Unique WiFi Names

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WiFi Names: If you have just bought a new WiFi router, then it’s time to do some initial settings like picking up a unique wifi name for your network SSID.

“A name for your SSID is not only the name for you to remember your WiFi network it is also a way to show people how amazing you are.”

If you’re looking for a unique and funny wifi name, then this article is for you.

Here is the list of 150 Best, Funny, Unique, Creative, and Cool WiFi Names.

Funny WiFi Names

WiFi Names, Funny WiFi Names, Unique WiFi Names, Best wifi names

1. Drop Like Its Hotspot

2. The Hotshot

3. 2 Girls, 1 Router

4. The Lost Lan

5. No More Mr Wi-Fi

6. Go Go Router Rangers

7. LANborghini

8. No Network Found

9. Get Off My LAN!

10. Pretty Fly for Wifi 

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11. Not a Meth Lab.

12. It Burns When IP

13. Abraham Linksys

14. The Silence of the Lan

15. WiFi Genie

16. Wi-Fight the Inevitable

17. Bandwidth Together

18. Nacho Wifi

19. I Believe Wi Can Fi

20. New England Clam Router

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Unique WiFi Names

21. Keep It On The Download

22. Panic At The Cisco

23. Bill Wi the Science Fi

24. Hogwarts Hall of Wifi

25. The Force

26. The Door to Narnia

27. Low Bandwidth

28. To connect or to not connect

29. IP Steady Streams

30. The Promised LAN

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31. Password Is Gullible

32. Free Public Wi-Fi

33. Modem Family

34. Skynet

35. Borat Voice: My Wi-Fi

36. The Mothership Connection

37. $1 Per Hour

38. Password is Password

39. Network with Benefits

40. Wanna Date My Router?

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Best wifi names

WiFi Names, Funny WiFi Names, Unique WiFi Names, Best wifi names

41. Unexpected Guest

42. The Good Wi-fi

43. Girls Gone Wireless

44. Slower than Yo Momma

45. I Did Your Wifi Last Night

46. Winter WonderLAN

47. I’m Your Wifi

48. Chance the Router

49. Wi-Fight the Feeling

50. Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi

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Fun WiFi Names

51. The Password is…

52. Open Sesame

53. Everyday I’m buffering

54. DyLAN Obrien

55. The LANdon Bridge

56. Wires Not Included

57. We’re Sorry, The Network is Down

58. Nonstop Router

59. Use at your own risk

60. Connection Lost

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Cool wifi names

61. God Save The Wi-Fi

62. It Hurts When IP

63. Take my Wifi, Please.

64. No more Mister Wifi.

65. Please keep it on the Download.

66. Guess Where We Live

67. Conversation Starter

68. Drop it Like a Hotspot

69. And Don’t You Come Back

70. rIP Hedwig

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71. The House of LANister

72. May the Wi-Force be with you

73. The Internet

74. Click Here for Wifi

75. Click Here to Download

76. Formerly Known as Prints

77. Wi-Fight the Inevitable

78. FBI Surveillance Van 3

79. I am Always Watching

80. Russian Hackers

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Clever wifi names

81. Iron LAN

82. New England Clam Router

83. Get Off My LAN

84. Too Far Away, Sorry. Try Again?

85. No Internet Today

86. Oh No! We’ve Been Hacked!

87. Wi-Fight the Inevitable

88. Untrusted Network.

89. Viruses Abound.

90. Wifi when you can drive.

91. Wi-Fi Fo Fum.

92. Be my WiFi Friend

93. Your Own Threepio

94. Net Neutrality Activist

95. Charlie and the WiFi Factory

96. Go steal Starbucks WiFi

97. One way ticket to year 2050

98. Move On

99. IP a Lot

100. Not the Wifi You’re Looking For

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Good wifi names

WiFi Names, Funny WiFi Names, Unique WiFi Names, Best wifi names

101. IanTernet

102. Winternet is Coming

103. Common Room Wifi

104. Usa Usa Usa Usa

105. Blind Sight

106. Wifi Fever

107. Now you see me…

108. Sweet Victory

109. You Will Regret This

110. Reserved for Guests I Hate

111. Open Sesame

112. Hot Signals in Your Area

113. Darude LANstorm

114. 99 Problems

115. Hit the Road Jack Input

116. Please use me

117. Skynet

118. LAN of the Free

119. The Black Links

120. Wifi Alliance

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WiFi Name Ideas

121. The way you want it.

122. Wifi Password Names

123. Dial-up Internet

124. Volvo Mafia Safehouse.

125. Nacho Wifi.

126. Man and Wifi.

127. Cheeses Take the Wheel

128. Free Virus

129. The Matrix

130. Nuclear Launch Codes

131. Secretly Stalking

132. Just Kidding

133. Mαrtin R0uter King

134. Connect and get $50

135. Warren Buffers

136. Lan Solo

137. Benjamin FrankLAN

138. Pass with Password

139. Lag Out Loud

140. How is my signal, call…

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Creative WiFi Names

WiFi Names, Funny WiFi Names, Unique WiFi Names, Best wifi names

141. Work Hard Play Hard

142. Cash is king

143. Area 51.

144. I’m under your bed.

145. Mom, use this one!

146. Knock Knock.

147. Rick Rolled

148. House LANister

149. Siri, are they here for free WiFi?

150. Parallel Universe No. 6,66,666

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