100 Funny Coffee Puns That Will Make You Laugh

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Coffee Puns: Coffee is a popular beverage, which everyone likes to drink. Especially, it is great to start your day by drinking coffee in the morning.

“Have you heard of a good coffee pun? Everyone loves a good pun. If you are trying to find a perfect coffee pun? Then this article will be helpful for you.”

Here is the list of 100 best coffee puns. “These hilarious puns, jokes, and one-liners about coffee will make you laugh and would make a great photo caption, text message, or email to share with those around you.”

Best Coffee Puns

Coffee Puns, Coffee puns one liners

1. “You’re brew-ti-ful.”

2. “How do I take my coffee? Seriously, very seriously.”

3. “Words cannot espresso how much you bean to me.”

4. “Don’t feel depresso, have an espresso”

5. “Are you sick? Yes, I’ve been coffee and sneezing.”

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6. “After the French Revolution, Kings and Queens started only drinking decap coffee.”

7. “Don’t give a kangaroo a cup of coffee, it’s already too jumpy!”

8.  “I don’t drink coffee to wake up. I wake up to drink coffee.”

9. “But first, coffee.”

10. “It’s hard to espresso my feelings for you.”

11. “How is divorce like espresso? It’s bitter and expensive.”

12. “I am mug-nificient!”

13. “Thank you for bean a friend!”

14. “I like big mugs and I cannot lie”

15. “Where you bean all my life?”

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Short coffee puns

16. “Mugs and kisses”

17. “I’m quiet, but after a cup of coffee, I can espresso my feelings.”

18. “Bean Affleck was amazing in Dazed and Coffee-Infused.”

19. “Coffee is a part of my daily grind.”

20. “I have my eye on you coffee drinkers, you look ready to stir up trouble.”

21. “Hold on, I think I’ve been to this coffee shop before: I’m getting deja-brew!”

22. “Can we be friends? You’re pretty pod-ular!”

23. “He promised me a coffee but he never made it: that friendship came to a bitter end.”

24. “What do beans say to their Valentines? You keep me grounded.”

25. “I can’t fully espresso my excitement!”

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26. “Where have you bean all my life?”

27. “Coffee time is all the time.”

28. “I love you because you keep me grounded.”

29. “May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.”

30. “What’s a coffee’s favorite karaoke song?
Hit Me With your Best Shot!”

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Coffee puns one liners

Coffee Puns, Coffee puns one liners

31.  Caf-feind.

32. “Coffee is a cup of hope in a world of chaos.”

33. “Relationship Status: It’s Caffeinated.”

34. “Good days start with coffee.”

35. “WARNING: Coffee lovers only! All others will be roasted!”

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36. “Come on, tell me the gossip about the coffee date – spill the beans!”

37. “After having my morning coffee, I always feel full of beans!”

38. “If you ever serve me a cold cup of coffee, I will be boiling mad!”

39. “I made a pot of coffee, espresso-ly for you.”

40. “Hands up! You’re under a-roast.”

41. “I want to espresso my love for you.”

42. “What did the barista say to the overly excited coffee beans? Kettle down everyone.”

43. “The worst type of criminal is he who mugs other people’s coffee.”

44. “I didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose me.”

45. “She’ll get her daily cup of coffee through whatever beans necessary.”

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Coffee puns captions

46. “Italians are so good at making coffee because they naturally like to espresso themselves.”

47. “If the tea and the coffee get married, but the tea leaves, does that give the coffee grounds for divorce?”

48. “I was drinking my coffee in my slippers this morning, and I thought, I really must wash some mugs.”

49. “You and I are meant to bean.”

50. “Your face shines whenever you frappé.”

51. “My heart beats faster because of brew.”

52. “My love for you is strong and pure.”

53. “We are a perfect blend.”

54. “You’re like coffee, full of hot strong love.”

55. “I’d rather take coffee than compliments any day.”

56. “Love is in the air and it smells like coffee.”

57.  “Coffee is a drug. A warm delicious drug.”

58. “You’re hot, sweet and I think I have caffeelings for you.”

59. “Every morning I have a dangerous cup of coffee, but I make sure I have safe tea first.”

60. “I drink so much coffee that it’s a part of my daily grind now.”

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Latte puns

Coffee Puns, Coffee puns one liners

61. “I’ve bean thinking of you a Latte.”

62. “Drinking too much coffee can cause a latte problems”

63. “Sending you a whole latte love.”

64. “I’ve got a latte problems.”

65. “Thanks a latte for me being my friend”

66.  “I love you ve-latte much.”

67. “I want to share my coffee-lings with you”

68. “I want to cream to the world, how much I love brew.”

69. “I wanna lay you down on the bed of roast-ses.”

70. “I had a whole latte fun with you last night.”

71. “He told her it was over. It was pretty brew-tal.”

72. “Everything I brew, I brew it for you.”

73. “Bullies who drink coffee are mean beans.”

74.  “I’ve been to every single coffee shop in town. Bean there, done that.”

75. ‘My favorite Disney film is A Mug’s Life.

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Clever Coffee Puns

76. “I love brew. I honestly love brew.”

77. “Deck the halls with cups of coffee.”

78. “Got my mind on my latte and my latte on my mind.”

79. “Better latte than never.”

80. “Every latte thing is gonna bean alright.”

81. “Influencers don’t make their own coffee, the only filters they know how to use are Instagram filters.”

82. “The first level of the coffee factory is called the ground floor.”

83. “A coffee’s favorite spell is Espresso Patronum!”

84. “Alright everyone, kettle down!”

85. “I didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose me”

86. “I‘m going to get coffee by whatever beans necessary.”

87. “What have you bean up to?”

88. “There was not a chai eye in the house.”

89. “I follow my heart because I’m a creamer.”

90. “Just put one cup in front of the other.”

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Puns About Coffee

Coffee Puns, Coffee puns one liners

91. “What’s the difference between coffee and your opinion?
I asked for coffee.”

92. “Why did the coffee file a police report?
Because it was mugged.”

93. “How does a coffee lover hit on a woman?
I’ve been thinking about you a latte.”

94. “What’s a barista’s favorite morning mantra? Rise and grind!”

95. “What do you call a sad cup of coffee?

96. “What did the coffees say before their night out?
Let’s stir up some trouble!”

97. “What do you call a sad cup of coffee?

98. “How did the hipster burn his tongue?
He drank his coffee before it was cool.”

99. “What’s a barista’s favorite exercise at the gym?
The French press.”

100. “What did the coffee say to its date?
Hey there, hot stuff!”

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