150 Flirty Texts for Him – Cute, Flirty, and Funny

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Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

Flirty Texts For Him: If you are trying to figure out which flirty text is the best to send to the guy you like, then this article can be helpful for you.

After all, a great flirty text can bridge the gap between you, plus it will make him think about you non-stop.

So here is the list of 150+ Best ‘Flirty texts’. This list of the 150+ Best ‘Flirty texts’ to send the guy you like will take your flirting game to the next level.

150 Flirty Texts For Him

1. “My lips hurt from smiling so much and you’re the reason for it.”

2. “Hey, stranger. Stop being a stranger.”

3. “Thinking of you just makes me smile…”

4. “I definitely have become a better person because of you. So, thanks. <3”

5. “I am so lucky to have you in my life.”

6. “Come over, I’ve got all of your favorites: Pizza, Beer, and of course…Me!”

7. “Even by text, you make me blush.”

8. “I can’t wait to see you.”

9. “I look down at my empty hand wishing yours was in it.”

10. “Morning, you! Hope you’re having a good day!”

11. “What would you say if I asked you to come over right now?”

12. “I was just reminded of the time that we….(bring up a happy memory that you shared)”

13. “I had a dream about you last night.”

14. “If you want to make me smile, just text me.”

Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

15. “They say dreams aren’t real so explain to me why you’re in my dreams every night.”

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16. “If nobody’s perfect, why do you exist?”

17. “This is me asking you out. Want to get coffee on Saturday?”

18. “Can I call you? I want to hear your voice.”

19. “You’re so cute that I can barely think.”

20. “If I could only take one thing to a deserted island, I’d take you.”

Romantic Texts For Him

21. “I’m making the first move when it comes to texting, so I’m expecting you to make the first move when it comes to kissing.”

22. “If you want to know who I have a crush on, look in a mirror.”

23. “Do you want to know the first thing that I will do, when I see you? Use your imagination…”

24. “You honestly make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before.”

25. “I just heard a song that reminded me of you.”

26. “You looked handsome today.”

27. “You know, you’re too sexy to be single.”

28. “The profile picture that you just posted is ridiculously sexy.”

29. “Let’s go for a drive.”

30. “You always make me laugh.”

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31. “I love popcorn. Care to share one at the movies?”

32. “When I see your name pop up on my phone, my heart beats faster.”

33. “The day before we met, I had wished upon a star, and then I met you.”

34. “You went to work without your morning kiss and cuddles so here it is xoxoxoxo.”

Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

35. “I wake up to a photo of you on my phone when I really want to wake up beside you.”

36. “When I close my eyes, I see you.”

37. “Let’s watch a romance movie and reenact our favourite scenes.”

38. “My favourite place is being in your arms.”

39. “You make every day feel like valentine’s day.”

40. “Now that I’ve officially texted you, I’m going to be obsessively staring at my phone, waiting for it to beep, so don’t keep me waiting.”

Flirty texts to make him laugh

41. “Have a great day and don’t forget to miss me 😁”

42. “I love when I get a text from you..my heart actually jumps a little”

43. “I wake up to your morning breath yet I still fantasise about kissing you.”

44. “No matter how much you annoy me, I’ll always love you.”

45. “Let’s play a game. Every time you say something stupid, I’ll take an item of clothing off. I think I’ll be naked in a minute.”

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46. “I know you’re at work but I just wanted to tell you that I’m not wearing anything. Enjoy your meeting haha.”

47. “I’m on the toilet but thinking of you. Who said romance is dead? LOL.”

48. “You are hotter than a jalapeno!”

49. “I have a special plan for us this evening 😁”

50. “I am so happy for you. You know why? Cuz you have the best girlfriend ever. HEHE”

Funny flirty texts for him

Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

51. “I think GOD created you on Sunday and added more honey than needed.”

52. “Whenever I close my eyes, I see your smile and get all warm & fuzzy”

53. “Everything in life is brighter now that we are together”

54. “I wanted to make you smile by sending you something cute, but I couldn’t fit in your mailbox!”

55. “You are under arrest for stealing my heart.”

56. “I think I may have to go to the doctor…I might have broken my foot falling for you.”

57. “I must look like an idiot every time you text me, because I can’t stop grinning.”

58. “My legs are feeling really tired. I wonder if I’m running through your mind right now?”

59. “I love you as much as I love bacon.”

60. “I changed your name in my contacts list to the ghost emoji because you’re my boo.”

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Flirty texts for him to turn him on

61. “You’re the only one who can make me laugh when I’m having a bad day. I miss you.”

62. “I wish you were here next to me right now.”

63. “You have my heart, soul, and body.”

64. “Being with you is priceless.”

65. “If time travel existed, I’d go back to our first kiss.”

66. “Flirting with you is one of my favorite things to do…”

67. “I really wish that I was in your arms right now…”

68. “Ok…just so you know, I smiled when I saw a message from you”

69. “You made me the luckiest girl in the world.”

70. “I never thought I could love anything more than chocolate, then I met you.”

Flirty texts for him at night

71. “You’re like water. I can’t live without you.”

72. “I didn’t know what happiness was until I met you.”

73. “You understand me like no one else does.”

74. “Hey babe, how’s work? I’m thinking of you.”

Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

75. “You can’t text me first, but you can update your Facebook status every five minutes? I see how it is.”

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76. “I have had such a bad day, feel like cheering me up?”

77. “We have been together for a aeon, but I still get weak knees when I see you smile.”

78. “You mean the world to me, I just want you to know that.”

79. “Everything feels so much better knowing you’re in my life.”

80. “Not gonna lie, you’re basically always on my mind.”

Spicy Texts For Him

81. “I’m tired but I don’t want to stop texting you.”

82. “Did you know you sing in your sleep? It’s the cutest thing.”

83. “How’s your day? Get home safe.”

84. “I have a king-sized bed but it’s missing its king.”

85. “I had a dream about you last night. Let’s make that dream a reality.”

86. “I just watched a show about vampires and it made me think of your lips on my neck.”

87. “I bought new underwear. Want to see?”

88. “I’m feeling hot. You must be close by.”

89. “I want you.”

90. “Hey! Stop thinking about me so much!”

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Flirty texts for crush

91. “I suck at starting conversations. You want to try?”

92. “I’ve never been good at math’s, but I know the answer if you subtract our clothes. Do you want to see my work?”

93. “I’m going to the gym tonight… or you could come over and we can have our own workout.”

94. “I want to be Rapunzel. Pull-on my hair and climb into my tower.”

95. “I like your clothes but I think they would look even better off.”

96. “If you can guess the colour of my bra, you can take it off tonight.”

97. “I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner. I was imagining you naked.”

98. “I shaved. Do I have to say more?”

99. “You’re too sexy to be real. Prove you’re real by kissing me.”

Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

100. “I don’t want to feel butterflies in my belly when I can feel you instead.”

Flirty Text Messages for Him

101. “Every time I get a notification, I hope it’s you.”

102. “Good night, handsome! Sleep well.”

103. “I like you a lot. More than a lot, actually.”

104. “Hello there! Just thought that 3PM was the best time to tell you how cute you are!”

105. “I know someone who might have a crush on you!”

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106. “You always make my days better.”

107. “Even though we’ve been together all day long, I can’t get enough of you.”

108. “I love you so much and I admire you’re my honey!”

109. “I’ve been grinning from ear to ear ever since we met just thinking about you!”

110. “My day would’ve been much better if you were in it.”

111. “I could text you until two in the morning.”

112. “I do not want to spend another day without you. “

113. “Let’s spend the day doing nothing but being in each others arms”

114. “Put your phone down and come right over here…”

115. “Do you have any plans for this weekend? Because I don’t.”

116. “I just finished a book I know you would love. You should come over to pick it up.”

117. “I was just looking through your Instagram and not gonna lie, you’re lookin’ fine”

118. “You make me feel like the only girl in the world”

119. “I lost my teddy bear. The job description is giving me cuddles. Want to apply?”

120. “I stole your jacket. If you want it back, come and get it.”

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Cute Flirty Texts Messages for Him

121. “The only time I cry is when you make me laugh too hard.”

122. “What’s your favourite movie? Let’s watch it tonight.”

123. “It makes me feel better just knowing that you are there”

124. “I just wanted to tell you I’m glad to have you in my life.”

125. “I know that no one is perfect, but you’re pretty damn close.”

126. “I can’t sleep, and I blame you for it.”

Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

127. “Just thinking about all the things we could be doing if you were at my place right now.”

128. “I just wanted to tell you I’m glad to have you in my life.”

129. “You look so good right now. I can’t actually see you, but I assume you look good, because you always do.”

130. “My favourite sound is your laugh.”

131. “I’ve never been kissed. Want to be the first?”

132. “If a genie gave me a wish. I’d tell him it already came true.”

133. “I never believed in love at first sight but after meeting you…”

134. “I bought a new strawberry lipstick. Want a taste?”

135. “Can we just call in sick tomorrow and spend the whole day together”

136. “You look familiar. Oh yeah, you’re the man from my dreams.”

137. “My name must be Cinderella because you’re Prince Charming.”

138. “Want to play truth or dare? I dare you to kiss me next time we see each other.”

139. “What’s on your to-do list today? I think you need to add me to it.”

140. “If you ever want an excuse to hold me, put on a scary movie.”

Super Sexy Texts For Him

Flirty Texts For Him, Romantic Texts For Him, Spicy Texts For Him

141. “Roses are red, violets are blue, my legs are open, where are you?”

142. “Come home, baby. Dinner is served and it’s not the only thing you’ll be eating tonight.”

143. “I’m nakey and waiting.”

144. “How long is your lunch break? Want a quickie?”

145. “Let’s make a video.”

146. “I need you now.”

147. “What’s your biggest fantasy? Let’s make it happen.”

148. “When you come home, you’re getting a surprise.”

149. “Let’s both take something 💊 and see how crazy we get.”

150. “They say make-up sex is the best sex. Is that why you picked a fight today?”

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