75 Best Florida Instagram Captions for the Perfect Post

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Florida Instagram Captions: Looking for the perfect captions for all your Florida photos? Then this article is all for you.

Who doesn’t love a visit to Florida! The Sunshine State (Florida) is popular for a number of things including its beautiful beaches, theme parks, and activities for all. Florida is one of the most famous travel destinations in the USA for both domestic and international tourists from all over the world. 

Here are the 75 best Florida Instagram captions…

Florida Instagram Captions

Florida Instagram Captions, Florida Captions for Instagram

1. “Living life in the sunshine state.”

2. “Gone to Florida, be back never.”

3. “Florida mode: activated.”

4. “Feeling those Florida vibes.”

5. “High tides and those Florida vibes”

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6. “From Florida with love.”

7. “Some call it Florida; I call it heaven.”

8. “Living that Florida life.”

9. “Life is just better in Florida.”

10. “Once upon a time in Florida…”

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Unique Florida Instagram Captions

11. “Florida is always a good idea.”

12. “Where summer never ends”

13. “Find me in Miami”

14. “Take me to Florida”

15. “A bad day in Florida is still better than a good day anywhere else” 😎

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16. “I’m all about the palm trees and the 80 degrees.”

17. “Believe in something beautiful.”

18. “Welcome to the sunshine state.”

19. “I’m a true oceanholic!”

20. “Legends are born in Florida”

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Florida Captions for Instagram

Florida Instagram Captions, Florida Captions for Instagram

21. “There’s no place like Florida.”

22. “The best days are beach days.”

23. “Keep calm and love Florida.”

24. “Some call it a vacation. I call it home.”

25. “In Florida, we salt Margaritas. Not sidewalks.”

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26. “Salt in the air. Sand in my hair.”

27.  “The land of sunshine.”

28. “Florida, where summer lasts 6 months, twice a year.”

29. “Sun, sand, waves, and Mickey Mouse. I’m home.”

30. “Florida fun.”

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Cute Florida Instagram Captions

31. “Living that Florida life.”

32. “My love for you is like a Florida sunset.”

33. “Living life in the sunshine state.”

34. “There is a name for people who dislike winter…Floridians.”

35. “Florida is my therapy.”

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36. “High tides and those Florida vibes”

37. “Any day is a good day for Florida.”

38. “There is no place like The Sunshine State.”

39. “The best memories are made in Florida.”

40. “The Florida views never disappoint.”

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Short Florida Instagram Captions

Florida Instagram Captions, Florida Captions for Instagram

41. “It’s always sunny in the Sunshine State.”

42. “Key West called, and they have a beach waiting for you.”

43. “A bad day in Florida is still better than a good day anywhere else.”

44. “Florida beach party.”

45. “Didn’t realize we were practicing for NASCAR on I4 these days.”

46. “I hate having to wear my sunglasses and flip flops in December…said no one ever.”

47. “Beautiful Florida: the winter playground of the nation.”

48. “I like Florida. Everything is in the 80s. The temperature, the ages and the IQs.”

49. “When life gives you lemons, hand them back and ask for Florida oranges.”

50.  “It got so chilly, I had to wear closed toed shoes.”

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Best Florida Instagram Captions

51. “I need to live where summer never ends.”

52. “In case you didn’t know, some people smile in winter. They live in Florida.”

53. “Florida native life.”

54. “Dear winter, I’m breaking up with you. Love, Florida.”

55. “Life is better in flip-flops”

56. “Don’t worry, beach happy.”

57. “Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.”

58. “Happiness comes in waves.”

59. “If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.”

60. “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a ticket to Florida and that’s the same thing!”

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Florida Quotes for Instagram

61. “My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned sixty and that’s the law.” –Jerry Seinfeld

62. “Almost everything strange washes up near Miami.” –Rick Riordan

63. “My love for you is like a Florida sunset. Orange, coral, pink, and lavender, it exists to warm your heart through the inevitable darkness.” – Jarod Kintz

64. “Florida, bro. It’s different.” – Dominic Fike

65. “When people ask how close to the beach I am, I say, “12 minutes or 12 hours. Depends on which beach you want to go to.” – Jarod Kintz

66. “Sometimes I think I’ve figured out some order in the universe, but then I find myself in Florida”― Susan Orlean

67. “It’s always sunny in the Sunshine State. Except at night.” – Jarod Kintz

68. “Miami drivers will attempt to pass you inside a car wash.” – Dave Barry

69. “You only need to stand near the ocean to feel the power of the universe and a closeness to the one who created it.” – Susan Gale

70. “Florida tends to be one of those places that people like to play in winter.” – Gary Bongiovanni

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Beautiful Florida Quotes

71. “Florida is a strange place: hot, beautiful, ugly. I love it here, and how nothing makes sense but still, somehow, there is a rhythm.” – Roxane Gay

72. “There are so many colorful characters in Florida. There’s a lot of money, development – not all of it good and corruption.” – John Grisham

73. “Florida is a very healing place.” – Burt Reynolds

74. “Florida is the world’s greatest amusement park.” – Budd Schulberg

75. Florida is a place for innovation, prosperity, for pioneering. -Hendrik Vanlon Smith, Jr.

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