100+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for sister

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, Happy Birthday Sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister: Sister is one of the closest companions in our lives, and she is the most adorable members in every family.  So when his birthday comes, it is our responsibility to bring a smile to his face by wishing him a very happy birthday, and wish her happiness, joy, love, success, and a wonderful life!

So here is a collection of 150 best Birthday Wishes and quotes, use these Birthday Wishes, and tell your sister how special she is.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

1. You are not only my sister, but a good friend and mentor. Happy birthday, sis!

2. Happy Birthday Sister! Sending all my love and prayers! May you have a blessed year ahead! Many happy returns of the day.

3.  “Over the years we may have had disagreements and petty fights, but that’s just what sisters do. We’ve also had deep discussions and loving moments. I’m glad I have such a wonderful sister who keeps my life real and never boring.”

4. I’m so thankful that in you, not only do I have a sister, but I also have a dear friend to share many laughs with. Happy birthday, my dear.

5. Happy birthday, my dear sister. Words can’t begin to describe how deep and meaningful you are to my life. You mean the absolute world to me.

6. My beautiful sister, you have a heart of gold and a soul so sweet that it’s only right you have the most magnificent birthday this year. Happy birthday to you.

7. My sister, on your birthday I wish for you
That all your wishes may this day do come true.

8. The best year ever is wished for you, and may the years continue to tick by with happiness.

9. If I could wish one thing for you, my sister, it is that life is good and you are happy and content.

10. Whenever I needed, you were always there for me. Other times, despite saying nothing, you were there for me. Even that one time, before I even knew I needed you, you were there for me too. Happy birthday, dear sister!

Happy Birthday Sister

11. My dear sister, always remember one thing in life; challenges are there to make you rock solid not wimpy. Happy birthday to my super strong sister!

12. Happy Birthday, Sis! To the smartest, kindest, bestest, prettiest, and the most dearest of all sisters. Love You.

13. Happy Birthday. You are the best sister ever! Enjoy your special day to the fullest. I love you.

14. Happy Birthday To My Sister. With love on your birthday and lots of it too. and a wish for the nicest day ever for you!

15. Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world. May your life be filled with all the happiness you deserve!

16. Happy birthday, sister! May God keep showering his love and blessings on you and may we get to celebrate more happy days together!

17. Thank you for being the most loving and caring sister in the world! Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear sister!

18. Wish a fabulous birthday to my cutest baby.

19. Happy Birthday dear sister! You are my inspiration and will be so all through my life.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, Happy Birthday Sister

20. Your innocent face and nature are like an inexhaustible incandescent lamp. You never get tired of spreading happiness and treating everyone in a good manner. You are the finest woman I have ever seen and met. Happy birthday to my utterly bubbly sister!

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Birthday Messages for Sister

21. Wishing you a very happy birthday dearest sister, may you always shine bright like a diamond and make us proud! Love you.

22. Happiest birthday to partner in crime, to my shopping partner, Loads of love & hugs!

23. Our parents made us siblings, we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday, Sista.

24. Happy birthday sister, {put name}! I am very fortunate to have such a caring and loving sister like you. I want to thank you for everything.

25. “My dear sister, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that the year ahead is full of joy, excitement, and adventure!”

26. “Sister, we shared so many laughs and thoughts and also boosted each other up when we were down. I believe still there are plenty of sweet memories to come. Have a wonderful birthday.”

27. “In the kaleidoscope of my life, you form the most beautiful patterns filled with vibrant colors. Happy birthday, sis.”

28. Happy birthday to my sister who is far away today. I hope you know that the long distance between us doesn’t make you any less special in my heart.

29. This year your birthday wishes are full of emotion, to thank you for all of your love and devotion. I feel truly blessed to have a wonderful sister like you.

30. “Happy birthday! My childhood would have been so boring without you to share it with. Thanks for all the awesome adventures we’ve been on, and I can’t wait for the many more fun times to come…starting with celebrating your birthday!”

Blessing birthday wishes for sister

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, Happy Birthday Sister

31. It fills my heart with so much joy to be wishing a very happy birthday to a fabulous sister like you. May your special day bring you everything you wish for, sis.

32. Happy birthday to the best sister in the whole entire world! I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I couldn’t be any prouder to call you my sister.

33. No one can compare to you my Sister. Thank you for being always there, my best friend, my sister Happy Birthday wishes are sent to you.

34. Sis your kindness and your love have always been appreciated. Thanks for being you. Many more birthdays are wished for you.

35. Wishing you the happiest of birthday that any Sister could ever have!

36. You my sister, have grown up to be my best friend, thank for always being there. And, I wish nothing but the best for this your special day.

37. There is no friend like you my sister! In fact, you are more than a friend you are my sister. Wishing you happiness and contentment in the coming year!

38. There is no other love and bond like that between the sisters—it brings out so much warmth and joy. Together for life! Happy birthday, sister.

39. I love to spend all my meantime with you until you start asking for money and gifts. You are an absolute delight who can be an absolute pain at any time. Happy birthday to my super annoying sister!

40. My life would not be complete without you in it, my Sister. No matter what is going on you are always there, and always willing to help. Thank you! Many more Happy Birthdays are wished for you.

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Heart touching birthday wishes for sister

41. God gave me the best when He gave me you. Happy Birthday to the sweetest sister ever.

42. In the kaleidoscope of my life, you form the most beautiful patterns with the most vibrant colors. Happy birthday sista.

43. Happy Birthday. Thank you for making my life brighter. You are such a great sister. I hope that the coming year is filled with much happiness.

44. Happy Birthday. Here’s to the sweetest, cutest, most “purrfect” sister around! It must run in the family.

45. Happy Birthday To My Amazing Sister! It’s been so much fun growing up with my best friend by my side. I hope this year brings you all the joy you deserve.

46. Happy Birthday, Sis! To the coolest person I know, kick back, relax and soak up some fun with all your party people!

47. Happy Birthday to my amazing sister! I hope this year brings you all the joy you deserve. Enjoy your special day!

48. Happy Birthday. I am so lucky to have an amazing sister like you. I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.

49. Happy Birthday To My Amazing Sister. The world is so much brighter with you in it. Wishing you a wonderful celebration full of joy and laughter!

50. I hope your birthday contains only warm, fuzzy, and pleasant memories. May it signal the beginning of a year filled only with hope and promise. Happy birthday sister!

short birthday wishes for sister

51. Today is the best day of my life, finally I got the partner to celebrate my sorrow and joy. Happy birthday sister, love you!

52. For a Sister so special in every way, wishing you a perfectly wonderful Birthday to my lovely sister.

53. Just be yourself always, don’t think about others and what you should always know is I am there for you. Happy birthday to my lovely sister!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, Happy Birthday Sister

54. Happy birthday sister! Thank you for being such and supportive sister and best friend. I love you!

55. Happy birthday to my sister! Thank you for always being there for me. Love you!

56. Happy Birthday, sister! Thank you for always being such an amazing sister!

57. You are adorable, caring and loving. Happy Birthday, Sister!

58. Whenever you need me I will always be there for you. Happy Birthday, sis!

59. I want to say thank you to my sweet sister, for being the most loving and caring sister in this world.

60. Happy … (year) birthday sister. May God bless you gorgeous. Keep smiling..Love you. Enjoy!

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Funny birthday wishes for sister

61. Wishing you all the happiness in the world as you celebrate another year in your life! May the joyful celebration of this day melt your heart and fill it with love. Happy birthday dear sister!

62. “Happy Birthday, sister! Can’t believe how old we’re getting! Love you!”

63. “Happy Birthday, sister. You’re a very special lady. Perhaps 27 will be your year? SO OLD!”

64. “You’re not actually old… I guess. You’re one of my favorite humans & you’re beautiful! I hope your day is fantastic.”

65. “Happy Birthday, sister! I hope you have a super fabulous day and super fabulous year! Party hard, but not TOO hard. I hear hangovers only get worse as you get older.”

66. “Happy freakin’ Birthday, sister! You are gonna have a fabulous 34th! It’s time for some fun times with our favorite wines! Love you the most.”

67.  “Happy 21st Birthday, sister!!! So happy that you are finally able to do our liquor store runs!! This summer is about to be LIT! Love you so much!!!”

68. “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! That date is… your birthday! Happy Birthday, sister! I love you! I hope your birthday was everything you wanted it to be and more!”

69. “Happy Birthday to my favorite sister! Hope all your FRIENDS are around for The One Where Julie Turns 30! Make sure you have lots of Phoebe’s cups and ice and Ross’s Unagi!”

70. “Almost 30… eek! Happy Birthday, sister bear! Enjoy your quarantine birthday… you hate people anyway. Lol. Love you so much.”

Best birthday wishes for sister

71. Happy Birthday. I am so lucky to have an amazing sister like you. I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.

72. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! With each passing year, you shine even brighter. I hope everything you’ve been wishing for comes true. Here’s to an amazing celebration!

73. Happy Birthday To My Amazing Sister. Wishing you a birthday full of joy and happiness. Enjoy your special day!

74. Happy Birthday Sister! Thank you for all the good advice, love, and fun times you have given me over the years. Have a great birthday, you deserve it!

75. Happy Birthday. To My Fabulous Sister! Wishing you a sensational birthday filled with all the beautiful things in life.

76. “God bless you today and always and may all your goals come true.” ― Auliq Ice

77. “We have shared so many magical moments of our life. We laughed and cried together and made smiles out of frowns. Wishing you a happy birthday.”

78. “You are one seriously resourceful woman, sis. I know this because I remember all those times you managed to finagle yourself out of trouble when we were kids. I also know this quality will take you far in life. Happy birthday, sister!”

79. “I’m so thankful to have a sister like you to share life’s ups and downs with. Thanks for always being there for me and making each day so much fun! I hope you have a very happy birthday!”

80. “Happy, happy birthday, sister. I believe this year will bring wonderful things to your life. Love you.”

Birthday quotes for sister

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, Happy Birthday Sister

81. “Sisterhood is a funny thing. It’s easy to recognize, but hard to define.” – Pearl Cleage

82. “A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion Garretty

83. “My sister is the one person who truly knows me, as I know her.” – Lisa See

84. “A sister always knows when to listen and when to talk, when to laugh and when to cry.” – Unknown

85. “My childhood memories are full of laughter and fun because of you, my dear big sister! I can’t believe we’re getting older and those times seem like forever ago. Here’s to your bright future—may it sparkle with joy and delight!”

86. “I know you have been through so many hard times, but you never gave up. You are my idol and the strongest woman in this entire world. You have such a positive approach to life. Wishing you a happy birthday.”

87. “You are the reason for whom my childhood days were so colorful. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. Happy birthday, sis.”

88. “A birthday kiss for my amazing sis! I’m sure you’ll find fun and adventure on your big day, just as you do every day!”

89. “My crazy, loving, caring and fun sister, life without you would have been a nasty twister. Happy birthday.”

90. “Wishing the happiest birthday to the world’s coolest sister. Thanks for always letting me tag along, and being there when I need you.”

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Happy Birthday sister quotes

91. “I can’t imagine being on this journey through life without a sister as cool as you. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday!”

92. “To my sister on your birthday: May your special day be every bit as magical and wonderful as you.”

93. “Happy birthday to my awesome sister! I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished. Thank you for being such a great example.”

94. “Happy birthday, sister! Growing up with you has been the biggest adventure of my life. I love you so much.”

95. “Sisters are very similar to best friends. You never know that they are keeping a close and caring eye on you, so that nothing can bother your happiness. Happy birthday.”

96. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman who I’m lucky enough to call my sister! May you have the most fabulous birthday celebrations ever today!

97. Happy birthday from your favorite sister! I thought it might be nice, on your special day, for you to know that you’re my favorite brother too!

98. Birthdays are a time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, near or far, which is why I’m reminded of what a fabulous sister you are.

99. Officially you may only be my half-sister but to me, you’re a full sister! Happy birthday, sis!

100. Happy birthday to the most fabulous friend a girl could wish for: my long-lost sister! You’ll always have a very special place in my heart, girl!

Birthday wishes for younger sister

101. Happy birthday to my crazy, funny, and quirky younger sister! You’re lucky to have a cool elder sister like me to keep you sane!

102. May your birthday this year be one that is full of greatness and overflowing with happiness. Best wishes and happy birthday to you, my lovely sister.

103. I’m wishing a heartfelt happy birthday to my dear brother today as he turns another year older and more wonderful than ever. Best wishes to you from your adoring sister.

104. Happy Birthday my little sister! Stay blessed. Many happy returns of the day!

105. Dear sister, I hope you know that you mean the world to me. Thank you for saving my ass and taking care of me. Happy

106. It is said that sisters are another form of angels on earth. You sure are one for me! Happy birthday! Wishing you a great year ahead!

107. Warm hugs and best wishes to my little sister who grows wiser every day. On your special day, I hope and pray that you continue to amaze me the way you always do.

108. You are a blessing in my life. Happy birthday, little sister!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, Happy Birthday Sister

109. Happy birthday to my sweet sister. Have a wonderful day and make lots of memories.

110. Take my warm wishes as you add one more year to your life. Happy birthday Sis!

111. You have always been the source of inspiration for me. You understand me like no one else. Happy birthday to you. May you have a cheerful life ahead!

112. Happy birthday to the amazing sister in the world. May you have a joyous celebration of this day!

113. On this special day, I want you to know that you are the sweetest and loveliest sister in the world. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

114. We were not born from the same womb but I believe we share the same soul in two different bodies! Happy birthday to the other part of my soul!

115. Thank you for being the amazing person you are. For me, you are the perfect gift from God anyone could ever ask for. Happy birthday dear sister!

birthday wishes for cousin sister

116. Happy birthday to a sister who is a master of disguise! On the outside, you appear adorable and cute, but inside there hides a naughty little monster!

117. I feel very fortunate to be the sister of a brother who is as heart-touching and as meaningful as you are to me. I’m sending you the best birthday wishes possible on your special day today, brother.

118. “There might be countless people in this world, but to me, you are the best of the best. Happy birthday!”

119. “Happy birthday, gorgeous! I am grateful for all of our memories and excited to create new ones together!”

120. “Sister, no other person could ever hold a candle to you, because you are too hot to handle! Happy birthday to my older, lovely, and feisty sister.”

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121. “It’s not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters. Happiest birthday to my partner-in-crime sister. I love you!”

122. “You know who is my best friend in the world? It’s you, sis. Happy birthday!”

123. It feels good to see you getting more mature and beautiful every year. You are growing up like a princess. Happy birthday dear!

124. Happy birthday to the charming and most adorable sister in the world!

125. Happy Birthday to the most special person in our family! We love you so much!

126. Happy birthday, dear little sis! May God bless you and all your wishes and dreams come true! Very happy returns of the day, sweetie!

127. “The definition of a sister: a person who knows you inside and out. Yes, it sounds like you. I’m grateful that you are my sis. Happy birthday.”

128. “Thank you for all the years of friendship, sis. You are my best friend, and your loyalty is always appreciated. May your birthday be filled with wonderful surprises and amazing gifts.”

129. Happy birthday, dear sister! I love you to the moon and back!

130. May this year bring you happy moments! Have a great birthday, sister-in-law!

Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

131. “Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life.” —Charles M. Schultz

132. What are sisters for if not to point out the things the rest of the world is too polite to mention. ~ Claire Cook

133. “Sisters never quite forgive each other for what happened when they were five.” —Pam Brown

134. It’s great having such a wonderful sister-in-law. Enjoy your special day! Happy Birthday to my lovely sister.

135. We are sisters by chance but friends by choice. Happy birthday, love!

136. “When I count my blessings, I count you twice! Happy birthday to my dear sister and best friend!”

137. “Growing up, no one drove me crazier than you. Now, you’re the person I talk to when other people are driving me crazy (even you!). Happy birthday, sister!”

138. Having a sister who’s also your best friend is a priceless gift. I love you so much—happy birthday!

139. “Sister, you were the first best friend of my life and you’ll remain my BFF. Wishing you a happy birthday.”

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140. “I feel so lucky that my dear sister is also a true friend. Happy birthday, you are the best!”

Birthday Quotes for Sister

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister, Happy Birthday Sister

141. “On this day so special, let us welcome another wonderful year in your life. Happy birthday!”

142. “The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.” – Cali Rae Turner

143. “A sister’s love is forever, and on your birthday I wish you nothing but the best.” – Danielle Duckery

144. “A sister is worth a thousand friends.” – Unknown

145. “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” – Isadora James

146. “A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.” – Elizabeth Fishel

147. “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” – Amy Li

148. “There’s no better friend than a sister.” – Mary Engelbreit

149. “A sister is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be.” – Author Unknown

150. “God sent me an angel when he gave me you as a sister.” – Catherine Pulsifer

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