100 Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend | Birthday Wishes for Her

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Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Birthday Wishes for Her

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: If you want to make your girlfriend’s birthday memorable then you will need romantic and emotional birthday wishes.

Birthday comes only once in a year, so everyone wants to make it very memorable.  So if you also want to make your girlfriend’s birthday memorable, then it is not enough just to buy a good gift for it.

So here is the list of 100 best birthday wishes. “Birthdays deserve fanfare and excitement, so choose one of our best birthday wishes for her for your favorite girl!”

Birthday Wishes for Her

1. “Happy birthday to the most supportive girlfriend ever! Thank you for always being right there by my side!”

2. “My beautiful girlfriend, you are the
love of my life and I hope your birthday
brings you happiness and everything
you have been wishing for!”

3. “You’re not only my girlfriend but also my best friend. In you, I found everything I was looking for. Wishing you the best and a wonderful birthday!”

4. “Happy birthday, my lovely girlfriend! I’m going to spoil you even more than usual today, if that’s even possible!”

5. “Wishing my gorgeous girlfriend the happiest of birthdays today! Love you loads!”

6. “Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday!”

7. “Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!”

8. “Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises! Happy birthday!”

9. “On your birthday we wish for you that whatever you want most in life it comes to you just the way you imagined it or better. Happy birthday!”

10. “Sending your way a bouquet of happiness…To wish you a very happy birthday!”

11. “Wishing you a beautiful day with good health and happiness forever. Happy birthday!”

12. “It’s a smile from me… To wish you a day that brings the same kind of happiness and joy that you bring to me. Happy birthday!”

13. “On this wonderful day, I wish you the best that life has to offer! Happy birthday!”

14. “I can’t believe I was fortunate enough to cross your path. I hope your birthday is as incredible as you are! Love You!”

15. “Since you came into my life, all colors have become clearer. You brought light and colors in my dark life. Happy birthday, my love.”

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16. “Dear love, I wish you all the best for your birthday and I promise that I will do everything to make you happy. Hugs and Kisses!”

17. “Today is the perfect day to tell you that you’re a wonderful girlfriend. Happy birthday! I wish you all the best on this day and throughout the”

18. “I’m celebrating this day together with you because on this day the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, was born into this world.”

19. “Falling in love should last forever. Forget all the bad and the things that made you sad. All best wishes from someone who loves you immensely.”

20. “Tonight is a special night out. I’m taking you somewhere where all wishes come true, and I’ll try to make everything unforgettable. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.”

Birthday wishes for special girl

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Birthday Wishes for Her

21. “Happy birthday to my very patient and loving girlfriend! You deserve a medal for putting up with me, my love!”

22. “My irresistible girlfriend is celebrating
another birthday today, and I’m going
to spoil her rotten!”

Happy birthday, my love!

23. “Happy birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend! I can’t wait to make many more incredible memories with you this year!”

24. “I may not be by your side celebrating your special day with you, but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful birthday.”

25. “I wish for all of your wishes to come true. Happy birthday!”

26. “Many years ago on this day, God decided to send an angel to earth. The angel was meant to touch lives and that happened! Happy birthday my sweet angel!”

27. “Sending you a birthday wish wrapped with all my love. Have a very happy birthday!”

28. “Every day with you is one great celebration and filled only with beautiful moments. I love you baby.”

29. “Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world. Love you forever!”

30. “Happy birthday sweetheart. I wish you all the success, happiness and love in the world.”

31. “I have the most precious thing that life can offer to anyone. I have you, the most beautiful, gorgeous and lovable girl in the world. Happy birthday love!”

32. “Happy birthday to the most loving, caring and kind-hearted girlfriend in the world. May you live a thousand year more and continue loving me for the rest of your life!

33. “Your birthday is as special for me as it is for you as I have the honor of spending it with you. Have a great birthday sweetheart!💖”

34. “With each passing year, my love is blooming and growing for you. My Sweetheart I can’t imagine living without you. birthday wishes to you, my lover!”

35. “ Happy birthday to you. From good friends and true, from old friends and new, may good luck go with you and happiness too!”

36. “A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here wishing you great happiness and a joy that never ends.”

37. “It’s always a treat to wish happy birthday to someone so sweet.”

38. “Happy birthday to one of my best friends. Here’s to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane! Love you and happy birthday!”

39. “On this special day, I raise a toast to you and your life. Happy birthday.”

40. “You look younger than ever! Happy birthday!”

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Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

41. “Even though I’m not able to spend your birthday with you this year, I still consider myself to be the luckiest guy in the world to have a wonderful girlfriend like you. I hope you have a great day today, my love.”

42. “Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world; my beautiful sweetheart and the most perfect girlfriend there is!”

43. “Happy birthday to someone who is lucky to have such a handsome and charismatic boyfriend: my girlfriend! I hope you enjoy your day, my love!”

44. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning woman in the world: my girlfriend! Let’s celebrate those good looks before they start to fade!”

45. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found a friend like you. You make every day of my life so special. It’s my goal to make sure your birthday is one of the most special days ever. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!”

46. “Happy birthday to my gorgeous, hilarious, incredible girlfriend! No wonder we’re such a perfect match!”

47. “My gorgeous girlfriend, you’re so lucky to have what every GF wishes for: a wonderful boyfriend who is also a built-in BFF! Happy birthday!”

48. “Happy anniversary to us! I can’t wait to discover what the future has in store for us and experience all the fun moments ahead, sweetie!”

49. “Happy birthday! May your heart be filled with positive vibes today, and I hope all your wishes come true. Love you forever!”

50. “Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy. Don’t ever change! Happy birthday my dear.”

51. “My life is a thousand times better for having you in it, my gorgeous girl! Happy anniversary and all my love to you on our special day!”

52. “The physical distance between us is no match for our everlasting love. Our relationship is stronger than the greatest distance. Happy birthday to you, my darling.”

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Birthday Wishes for Her

53. “I’m so fortunate to have met you
and to have you in my life! I wish you a wonderful birthday!”

54. “Happy birthday over there, my sweetheart. I can personally say that distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder.”

55. “A friend like you is more priceless than the most beautiful diamond. You are not only strong and wise, but kind and thoughtful as well. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to show you how much I care and how grateful I am to have you in my life. Happy birthday!”

56. “How I got so lucky to end up with someone as beautiful as you I’ll never know, but I’m certainly not complaining about it! Happy birthday, sweetie.”

57. “Your smile attracts me, your warmth caresses me, you are the only reason I see things positively. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!”

58. “I might be far from you, but every time I close my eyes, I see you standing right beside me. A warm Happy Birthday, Shona!”

59. “This is your special day and I hope I can make it much better for you to meet me, I love you, sweetie!”

60. “I hope that today, at your party, you dance and others sing as you celebrate with joy your best birthday.”

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Heart touching birthday wishes for lover

61. “Remember your last birthday? Remember that you said that it was best birthday of your life? That will change tonight…just wait!”

62. “On this day was born one beautiful Princess, and fortunately she fell in love with me and made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. So I will do everything for her majesty. Happy birthday, my princess!!!”

63. “Happy birthday, honey! May every single of your wishes come true. Many happy returns of the day.”

64. “May the cheers of this day be with you in the coming years. May our love grow stronger each day! Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend!”

65. “You are everything that one man could wish for. Therefore, I will try to return all the happiness that you brought into my life back to you. Happy birthday, my love!”

66. “I will never be tired of loving you. I wish you have the brightest and most colorful celebration of your birthday. I love you!”

67. “You are the reason I smile, my source of love and happiness. Happy Birthday, my girl.”

68. “Happy birthday to my adorable girlfriend. I pray that God blesses you with infinite peace, prosperity and happiness.”

69. “Happy birthday to you my dream girl. Many many happy returns of the day. So lucky to have you.”

70. “Happy Birthday, my girl. I love you the most. Days will pass, but my love for you won’t change.”

71. “You don’t need a special day to remind me how important you are in my life. You are blessing my life every day and you deserve to be loved every day! Happy birthday!”

72. “I always long for your birthday as I long for my next meal…that’s because it’s a special day to me just as it is to you. Have a Merry Birthday, Dearest.”

73. “With these presents that you have got today, my wishes for you to be successful in everything you do. Happy Birthday, deal love!”😍

74. “Hey, Happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope we stay together and forever!”

75. “Your birthday is making you much sexier with every passing year. Happy Birthday, hottie!”

76. “Happy birthday to a special person who brings so much joy and happiness to my heart. I’m grateful for each moment we spent together. Happy Birthday, darling!”

77. “I wish your birthday is as exquisite and full of love as you are. You deserve only the best, and I wish you best wishes, my love. Happy Birthday!”

78. “To see you happy on your birthday is all I desire. My sweetheart, I hope you get whatever you wish for. Happy Birthday!”🥰

79. “I think your birthday is one of the perfect moments for me to stop saying I like you, start saying I love you. Happy Birthday, honey!.”

80. “May your birthday be filled with magical moments, happiness, and laughter. God bless you on this special day. Happy Birthday, baby!”

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for her

81. “The universe may turn upside down, but you will always be the prettiest girl in town. Happy birthday my love.”

82. “I had asked for a blessing and God gave me you! Happy Birthday, love! Many many happy returns of the day.”

83. “My feelings for you grow stronger by each day. I cannot imagine a day in my life without loving you truly, madly and deeply. Happy birthday to you!”

84. “Your Birthday is another day to tell you how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday, baby.”

85. “Happy birthday to my love, my best friend, my agony aunt, my complaint hotline, my emergency contact and my soul mate.”

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Birthday Wishes for Her

86. “There is no better way to say happy birthday than to say you mean very much to me.”

87. “Sweetheart, age is just a number, for me you are a year younger today and will always be for the rest of your birthdays. You will never grow old in my eyes and in my heart. Happy Birthday, Dearie.”

88. “My fondness for you will not grow old no matter how old you become, that’s a firm promise to you. Best Birthday Wishes, My Luv.”

89. “Your past is blessed, your present is guaranteed and your future is secured; this is my heart-felt prayer for you on your birthday.”

90. “Many people may be thinking of you on your special day, but I want you to know I’m the first on that list. Happy Birthday, Janu!”

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91. “On this special day, I wanna say something, “I can’t think a single moment without you, and I love you so much”. My soul mate, happy birthday!”

92. “I wish all your dreams come true just like you have made all my dreams come true by choosing to be my girlfriend. Happy birthday dear!”

93. “I wish you success every step of the way. I hope you rock on your birthday and cherish it forever. Happy birthday my darling!”

94. “Thank you for coming into my life and also for those beautiful moments which you brought along with you. Happy birthday, my love.”

95. “Happiest birthday to the girl who has the most captivating eyes and the most intoxicating smile. Happy birthday, Jaan!”

96. “Beautiful, pretty and hot. Happy birthday to the girlfriend who I love a lot.”

97. “My love for you cannot be expressed in words. Happy birthday to the ruler of my heart.”

98. “You are one of the most precious persons of my life and I could not be happier to have you beside me. Happy birthday to you, love!”

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Birthday Wishes for Her

99. “Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen! You’re the ray of sunshine in my gloomy life.”

100. “My cutie pie, here your boyfriend is wishing you the most special and memorable birthday for you. Happy birthday! Stay happy and keep smiling.”

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