125 Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines — Cute and Funny

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Harry Potter Pick Up Lines, Harry Potter quotes
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If you are looking for best Harry Potter pick up lines, then this article will be helpful for you.

We usually look for the best pickup lines to start a conversation with an unknown person, or to impress someone.  If you want to impress any of your friends who are fans of the Harry Potter series, then for this you will need Harry Potter pickup lines.

So here are 100 funny Harry Potter pickup lines, you will be able to put a smile on anyone’s face by using these awesome pickup lines.

Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

1. “If I was an animagus, I’d transform into your love bug.”

2. “Are you interested in making some magic together? My wand is at the ready.”

3. “You may be a muggle, but that body is magical.”

4. “Wanna go manage some mischief together? I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.”

5. “Get out of my dreams, and into my enchanted flying Ford Anglia.”

6. “Let me take you to the Quidditch World Cup, I have a personal invitation to the minister’s box.”

7. “If I was yours, I’d get a tattoo so you could summon me anytime.”

8. “I’m just like Oliver Wood, baby. I’m a Keeper!”

9. “You must play Quidditch. I know a Keeper when I see one.”

10. “You must be a Snitch, because I’ve been Seeking you my whole life.”

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Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

11. “How would you like your name to show up in my bedroom on the Marauder’s Map?”

12. “Call Ollivander, because I think my wand has found its master.”

13. “Girl, are you sure you’re a muggle cause I’d swear that ass is magical!”

14. “I’m not wearing an invisibility cloak, but do you think I could still visit your restricted section tonight?”

15. “Are you a Dementor? Because you just took my breath away.”

16. “You’re like a chocolate frog, sweet and full of bounce!”

17. “My pegasus-pulled chariot is out front, if you ever fancy a weekend in France.”

18. “What do you say we disapparate out of here?”

19. “I might as well be under the Imperius curse, because I’d do anything for you.”

20. “Hey, you’re a girl, can I take you to the Yule Ball? “

Clean Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

21. “Are you a Snitch? Because you’re the finest catch here.”

22. “I don’t need to cast Accio to make you come.”

23. “You can put your basilisk in my Chamber of Secrets.”

24. “When I get a sniff of love potion, it smells like a home cooked dinner with you.”

25. “Is this the Hogwarts Express? Because it feels like you and I are headed somewhere magical.”

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26.  “If you were a Dementor, I’d become a criminal just to get your kiss.”

27. “Are you a hippogriff? Because I’ll always approach you with the utmost respect.”

28. “Are you a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff? You’re brave, smart, and kind so I can’t decide.”

29. “If the merpeople kidnapped you, I’d save you – after all, they only did it because you’re the most important person to me!”

30. “I’m a Seeker. Are you my Golden Snitch?”

Harry Potter pick up lines cute

31. “You must be a Nimbus 2000 because you’re sweeping me off my feet.”

32. “I’m not a Beater, a Seeker, or a Chaser. I’m a Keeper.”

33. “Are you sure you’re not a Dementor? Because I’m sure I’d die if you kissed me.”

34. “Did you order some Felix Felicis? Cause you’re about to get lucky!”

35. “Did you just use the stupify charm or are you a natural stunner?”

36. “Are you using the Confundus charm on me or are you just naturally mind blowing?”

37. “Baby, you don’t need defense against my dark arts.”

38. “When I look into the Mirror of Erised, I see you holding my hand.”

39. “I wish I had a Pensieve so I could show you all the good memories I have from the first time we met.”

40. “Maybe I’m a squib, because I’m powerless in your presence.”

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Harry Potter Pick Up Lines Dirty

41. “Are you a parseltongue? Because my snake wants to talk to you.”

42. “Going to bed? Mind if I Slytherin?”

43. “Call Ollivander, because I think my wand has found its master.”

44. “Did you drink some skele-gro or are you just glad to see me?”

45. “You don’t even have to say “Lumos Maxima” to turn me on.”

46. “I’m like the room of requirements, baby; unassuming on the outside, but I’ve got exactly what you need inside.”

47. “Are you Viktor Krum? My “golden snitch” isn’t easy to catch, but I hear you’re the best seeker in the world.”

48. “Ever been in a “Tri Wizard Tournament” before? You could be, if you put your name in my Goblet of Fire.” 

49. “I like a little hair,  I don’t mind exploring your Forbidden Forest.”

Harry Potter Pick Up Lines, Harry Potter quotes

50. “Let’s you and me go to Diagon Alley and find somewhere to be horizontally.”

Dirty Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

51. “I’m not an Animagus, but I’m an animal in bed.”

52. “My wand’s got a dragon heartstring at the core, it’s used to pumping a lot of blood.”

53. “Have you heard of Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, I can think of something else with the exact same measurements.”

54. “My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood!”

55. “Are you a bezoar? Because shoving you down my throat will save my life.”

56. “Call me Moaning Myrtle and run a bath while I watch” 😉

57. “Give me some gillyweed and I won’t need to come up for air for hours.”

58. “Want us to get a little more comfortable? Let me get some Peruvian instant darkness powder to set the mood.”

59. “I’m very interested in exploring your Chamber of Secrets.”

60. “Twelve and a half inches, slightly springy, excellent for charms. But enough about me, what can you tell me about your wand?”

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Cute Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

61. “You’re the only thing I need in my Room of Requirement.”

62. “Wow, when I said “Accio hottie,” I didn’t expect it to work!”

63. “My love for you burns like a dying phoenix.”

64. “You can have the portkey to my heart.”

65. “Meet me at the Three Broomsticks, so I can butter you up with a Butter Beer.”

66. “Are you a Horcrux? Because I feel like you’ve got a piece of my soul.”

67. “Do you like Harry Potter? Because I a-Dumbledore you!”

68.  “Are you a basilisk? Because when I caught sight of you, I froze.”

69.  “I may not be the boy who lived, but I can still be your chosen one.”

70. “My Boggart looks like my life without you in it.”

71. “You must get top marks in Charms class, you’re a natural!”

72. “You must be a bludger because you knock me out.”

73. “I might as well be under the Imperius curse, because I’d do anything for you.”

74. “You must be my Horcrux because you complete me.”

75. “If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised, I’d see the two of us together.”

76. “Did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? Because you’re drop-dead gorgeous.”

77. “I can be your house elf. I’ll do whatever you want and I don’t need any clothes.”

78. “It’s like I’m Severus Snape, and you’re the Defense Against the Dark Arts post; I keep trying to get to you and finally I will.”

79. “I think I’m getting pretty good at Divination – I see you and me together for a long long time!”

80. “You belong in the Honeydukes stockroom because you’re so sweet.”

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Harry potter pick up lines Reddit

81. “Are you a Death Eater? Because AzkaDAMN.”

82. “Is that a wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

83. “I’ve been told my snake makes Nagini look small.”

84. “We may not be in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you sure are charming!”

85. “I need to learn Occlumency, because I can’t get you out of my thoughts.”

86. “Your smile is like Expelliarmus. Simple but disarming.”

87. “I wish I had a Time Turner so I could make a better first impression on you.’

88. “You’re like a sip of Veritaserum, I’ll tell you anything you want to know – just ask!”

89. “Take me to St. Mungo’s, you make me seriously love sick.”

90. “If I ever get invited to a Slug Club party, will you be my date?”

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Harry Potter puns

91. “Being with you is like Christmas at the Burrow, cozy and safe and full of good spirit.”

92. “You’re like the Philosopher’s Stone, aren’t you? I’ll have to overcome many challenges to get to you, but it’s definitely worth it.”

93. “I would take a Marauders Map just to stare at you all night!”

94. “You’ve got my heart on lockdown like a Gringotts Vault.”

95. “I’m very interested in exploring your Chamber of Secrets.”

96. “Did you say “Petrificus Totalus”? Because you’ve made me stiff.”

97. “Is your name Firenze? Because you’re the centaur of my universe.”

98. “Always. (True Potterheads know the power of this single word!)”

99. “If you’re looking for a smart and loyal bird, call me Hedwig.”

Harry Potter Pick Up Lines, Harry Potter quotes

100. “Let me play you a little lullaby on my flute and you relax, you’ve been working like a dog recently.”

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Bad Harry Potter pick up lines

101. “When I want to conjure a Patronus, I only have to think of you.”

102. “Is your name Romilda Vane? Because I think I drank your love potion by mistake.”

103. “Don’t worry, I’m not at all like Prof. Quirrell. What you see is what you get, I’m not two-faced.”

104. “Did you just say “Wingardium Leviosa”? Cause you’ve got me rising, baby.”

105. “Want a beach holiday on the Black Sea? My sailing ship is waiting underneath the dock.”

106. “Look at these tea leaves. The way I’m reading them, you have a date with me very soon!”

107. “I am SIRIUS-ly into you.”

108. “I bought a pair of Vanishing Cabinets – I set one up in my bedroom, just tell me where to put the other.”

109. “I’m so glad you said yes to a date – just wait until my father hears about this!”

110. “So I hear you’re Head Girl of your house . . .”

111. “I don’t need the Aguamenti charm to make you wet.”

112. “When I look in the Mirror of Erised, I see you.”

113. “You’re like a bottle of Skele-Gro: you’re growing me a bone.”

114. “I’ll open my Gryffindor and you can most definitely Slytherin . . .”

115. “One night with me and they’ll be calling you Moaning Myrtle.”

Pick Up Lines

116. “Here, have a drink – it’s a port key back to my place” 😉

117. “Hey, send me an owl sometime, I don’t mind a couple of pecks.”

118. “I’ll be anyone you want me to be. I’ve got the polyjuice potion, just give me the hair.”

119. “I’m like Mad Eye Moody, I’ve got an enchanted eye on you.”

Harry Potter Pick Up Lines, Harry Potter quotes

120. “You don’t have to put an imperius curse on me, baby, I’ll already do whatever you say.”

121. “Hey, I’m like a shifting Hogwarts staircase; you never know exactly where you’ll end up with me!”

122. “Me without you is like Fred without George.”

123. “Let’s take some Felix Felicis and get lucky.”

124. “Do you want to head to the Shrieking Shack? We could do some shrieking of our own.”

125. “What do you say we go look for the Room of Requirement.”

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