75 Best Minecraft Pick Up Lines you’ll Love!

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Are you looking for the best Minecraft Pick Up Lines? “Then this article will be helpful for you.” If you and your soul mate are Minecraft fans, use Minecraft-related pickup lines to impress them.

Here is the list of 75 best Minecraft pickup lines, these pickup lines will help you to start a romantic conversation with your soul mate.

Minecraft Pick Up Lines

Minecraft Pick Up Lines, Funny Minecraft Pick Up lines 

1. “Are you a block of dirt? Because I dig you.”

2. “You must be a Minecraft update cause I’ve been waiting for you all this time.”

3. “Are you a superstar in the Minecraft world? I need your seed.”

4. “Are you a chest? Because I’ve got a lot to put in you.”

5. “Wanna have some light? Take some to greet the monsters!”

6. “Are you a torch? Because you light up my world.”

7. “You must be made of bonemeal, cause you make me grow 10 feet tall.”

8. “Are you a creeper? Cause you make my heart go boom.”

9. “Hey babe, let’s change your spawn location to my place.”

10. “I don’t have a shovel but I still dig you.”

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Minecraft pickup lines

11. “Are you a lever? Because you turn me on.”

12. “It looks like you are out of this world. So let me guess, are you from the Nether?”

13. “Why are you chasing me? Are you a creeper?”

14. “Redstone is Red, Lapis is blue. I would sacrifice my diamonds just to be with you.”

15. “Do you have a Diamond Pickaxe? Because I’m as hard as Obsidian.”

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16. “Are you a Minecraft wolf? ‘Cause I’d love to give you my bone.”

17. “Is it accurate to say that you are a square of earth? Since I burrow you.”

18. “You should be from the end since you are amazing!”

19. “I think you might be a witch. Because I’m definitely under your spell.”

20. “You must be a Redstone torch. You activate my sticky piston.”

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Cute Minecraft Pick Up Lines

21. “You must be good at fishing because you have me hooked.”

22. “Did you sit in sugarcane? Because you have a sweet ass!”

23. “I’m like TNT… Touch me and I go boom.”

24. “I’m getting wood. You must be a tree farm!”

25. “Irritating slimes? So, where are your slimeballs?”

26. “Do you need some crops? Sorry, no Minecraft bonemeal here.”

27. “You are so cute! Wanna be my Steve?”

28. “Do you want to play Minecraft with me? I’ll do the digging for you.”

29. “What if we put our Minecraft beds next to each other?”

30. “Your smile is more amazing than a Minecraft sunset.”

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Funny Minecraft Pick Up lines 

Minecraft Pick Up Lines, Funny Minecraft Pick Up lines 

31. “I would trade all my diamonds just to be with you.”

32. “You must be an Enderman, because you stole my heart.”

33. “Are you any good at building in Minecraft? What do you say we build a relationship?”

34. “Hey, are you a health potion? Because my heart’s always been full since I met you.”

35. “If you were ore, I’d mine you all night long!”

36. “Are you a hacker? Because you hacked my heart.”

37. “What’s up (girl/boy). Can we go strip mining?”

38. “Can we go to my house and change your spawn location?”

39. “you must be a fence because I can’t seem to get over you”

40. “You must be from the nether. Because you’re hot!”

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Romantic Minecraft Pick Up Lines

41. “Don’t eat my cake! You’re sweet enough already.”

42. “You are so unique; are you a diamond?”

43. “Feel like sand because of falling for you.”

44. “I always carry a bucket of water when I´m around you because you are so hot you might catch me on fire!”

45. “Redstone is red, Lazuli is blue, you’re pretty much as hot as the magma I fell into.”

46. “Will you go on a date with me? Come over to my place, I will prepare a feast of roasted porks and golden apples.”

47. “Are you a skeleton? You gave me quite a bone there.”

48. “Do you want me to tame you? Then be my Minecraft dog.”

49. “Stop lighting me on fire! I feel like a zombie under the sun.”

50. “Could you let me into your nether? I promise to make you scream like a ghast.”

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Flirting Minecraft Pick Up Lines 

51. “You must be lava cause you are extremely hot.”

52. “If I was a creeper, I’d go to your bedroom and explode all over you.”

53. “It’s hard to find you. Are you a diamond ore?”

54. “Let me be your Enderman, and you’ll be my pumpkin.”

55. “My pickaxe is so happy! Are you a diamond ore?”

56. “Are you from the mines? Because I found a gem.”

57. “I know why Herobrine lost his eyes. He must be looking for you.”

58. “Do you want to enter the love mode with me?”

59. “I need a JourneyMap because you make me lost.”

60. “Hey stranger? Are you a superb builder? Do you mind if we can build a relationship?”

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Sexy Minecraft Pick Up lines 

61. “MY FACE IS UP HERE! But my diamond sword is down here.”

62. “Hey, if you want to mine me, I’ll be your Minecraft ore.”

63. “Do you wanna put your Minecraft bed next to me?”

64. “Are you a diamond pickaxe? Because I’m as hard as obsidian.”

65. “Where’s my bucket of water? You are too hot!”

66. “Is that a creeper in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

67. “Come to my dirt house; I want to get dirty with you.”

68. “I’m ready to be your horse so that you’ll ride me forever.”

69. “What’s up girl? Want to go strip mining?”

70. “Are you a pig? Because I wanna ride you all night long.”

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Sweet Minecraft Pickup Lines

71. “Oh, you have a saddle? Let me be your pig!”

72. “Do you know why my piston keeps growing? I think you’re a redstone torch.”

73. “I want to be your pressure torch to turn you on.”

74. “Do you want me to make your bed-rock? I’ll be your professional miner.”

75. “Good at building in Minecraft? Let’s then build a relationship.”

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