Cori Gauff on how Serena, Venus Williams inspired her tennis career

Coco Gauff hopes to emulate Serena Williams, and Venus Williams and become a great role model and inspiration to children around the world.

On Thursday, Coco Gauff suffered a US Open quarterfinal loss to French tennis player Caroline Garcia.

Coco was hoping to win her first Grand Slam title at this year's US Open tournament.

but Cori Gauff will wait for another chance to become a Grand Slam champion.

After exiting the US Open tournament, Coco opened up about how Williams's sisters inspired her to pursue a career in tennis.

"I think for me, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams definitely inspired me to play tennis."

"I hope I can be that for other kids. Yes, that's really all I can say." Coco Gauff said

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