Inspiring quotes by Keanu Reeves

“I guess living without love, without experiencing it or being able to give it, is a pretty strong punishment.” ― Keanu Reeves

“The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.”

“Art is about trying to find the good in people, and making the world a more compassionate place.”

“I was raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated by others. It’s called respect.” – Keanu Reeves

“Sometimes simple things are the most difficult things to achieve.” – Keanu Reeves

“The best way to change is to make mistakes. You can learn from your mistakes and then keep moving on.”

“Multi-culture is the real culture of the world – the pure race doesn’t exist.” – Keanu Reeves

“Luxury is the opportunity to experience quality, be it a place, a person or an object.” – Keanu Reeves

“Mortality is very different when you’re 20 to when you’re 50.”

“Nothing ever truly dies. The universe wastes nothing, everything is simply transformed.” – Keanu Reeves

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