LeBron's family didn't know he wanted to play with Bronny

In recent years, NBA superstar LeBron James has been pretty open about his ambition to play in the NBA with his son, Bronny James.

However, for a while, LeBron's family did not know about of that plan.

Bronny James and LeBron James' wife, Savannah James, told SI's Chris Ballard

that they weren't aware of LeBron James' plan until he announce it publicly.

"No, we hadn't discussed it," Savannah James told Ballard.

"I mean, yes, because obviously you ask the boys what they want to be when they're 10, 11 years old."

"I want to be in the NBA. And I think that's just something that was near and dear to LeBron's heart."

Bronny James told that he didn't know of the plan, but called it "pretty cool."

And LeBron James confirmed that he hadn't talked it with his family.

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