LeBron James reveals he would want to play for the Golden State Warriors


"Can you imagine if this Golden State Warriors team got a player who last season averaged 30+ points per game?"

"Well, LeBron James just opened up the possibility once again after he also told the public he would like to play alongside Stephen Curry in a regular season."

"That's right, the Lakers star was heard talking about this on the new trailer of the latest 'The Shop' episode."

"James has been planting the seed to this idea in case anybody from the Warriors organization wants to get in touch with him."

"For James, getting another chance to win a couple more championships is definitely within his agenda before retirement."

"Michael Jordan is still within his sights and he will do everything in his power to win six as MJ did."

"But how possible is it for LeBron James to play for the Golden State Warriors? That's the million dollar question,"

"it might depend partly on what Stephen Curry wants for his final years inside the team. As the main star on that dynasty, Steph knows that another alpha inside the team can cause a disruption."

"In previous months, James hinted at the chance to someday play alongside Stephen Curry and the Warriors point-guard seemed to pass on the offer."

"He alleged that James already got his wish repeatedly with their participation in the All-Star games where LeBron picked him for his team."

"However, we all know what the 'King' meant whenhe said that. On his recent 'The Shop' episode, he said"

"It'd be Golden State. I would love getting into a pissing match with Draymond [Green]; I love when somebody cusses me out." LeBron James on which team he would play for in the league.

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