Pizza Puns for Supreme Laughs

"When you are a pizza lover, you focus on having a slice day instead of having a nice day.”

“I want this world to be exactly like Pizza: cheesy, endearing, and perfectly round.”

“What did the chef say about his student’s pizza? There’s mushroom for improvement.”

“What type of person doesn’t love pizza?” A weirdough.

“What’s the different between a great pizza and an average pizza? The timing of delivery."ugh.

“If your don’t make your pizza extra cheesy, you don’t deserve to eat Pizza at all.”

“Life is all about eating different types of pizzas, rest is just passing.”

“What is a pizza makers’ favorite song? Slice, Slice Baby.”

“Seven days without pizza makes one weak.”

“Roses are red, the sky is blue, I ordered a pepperoni pizza, I will eat it and give none of you.”

“You are the greatest thing in my life since a slice of pizza.”

“Why was the famous pizza sad? It was always being chased by the pepperazzi.”

“My mind is so messed up right now. I desperately need pizza of mind.”

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