Russell Wilson contract extension deal with Denver Broncos worth up to $245 milion

Russell Wilson and the NFL franchise Denver Broncos will be going together for quite a while.

Russell Wilson agreed Thursday morning to a 5-year contract extension deal

that contract extension deal is worth $245 million and comes with $165 million guaranteed.

Russell Wilson, the 9-time Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson, has been in  Denver Broncos since being traded in March

Russell Wilson will turn 34 on 29 November. It's a good bet he'll end his amazing NFL career in Denver Broncos.

Russell Wilson's contract extension deal is the biggest mega-deal among NFL QB.

According to ESPN, Russell Wilson is now behind only Aaron Rodgers in annual contract value.

Aaron Rodgers is 1st at $50.3 million per year, and Russell Wilson is 2nd at $49 million per season.

Arizona Cardinals' Kyler Murray is 3rd at $46.1 million.

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