110+ Best Would You Rather Questions for Couples

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Would you rather questions, Would You Rather Questions for Couples

“If you are in a mood to spend some time with your partner by playing or knowing more about them? Then try asking Would you rather questions.”

So if you are looking for the best Would you rather questions for couples, then this article is for you.

Here are 110 best Would you rather questions for couples, Enjoy these ‘Would you rather questions’, and have a good laugh!

Would You Rather Questions for Couples

1. “Would you rather have your partner tell you what they want as a gift or surprise them?”

2. “Would you rather be in an unbalanced relationship where you love them more or they love you more?”

3. “Would you rather cuddle all day, but not be able to sleep next to each other at night, or sleep in the same bed, but not be able to cuddle during the day?”

4. “Would you rather stay home on the weekends and relax together, or go out for the entire weekend and meet new people, barely going home?”

5. “Would you rather be the couple that everyone is jealous of or the couple everyone wants to be friends with?”

6. “Would you rather take a long walk in nature or cuddle up on your favorite couch?”

7. “Would you rather have a structured routine or do what you want when you want to?”

8. “Would you rather be with someone who eats with their hands or constantly burps and farts at the table?”

9. “Would you rather earn a huge sum of money doing work you hate or a small sum of money doing work you love?”

10. “Would you rather your partner always be late or always be early?”

11. “Would you rather argue all night to resolve a conflict or end the argument unresolved before bed?”

12. “Would you rather ask your partner for help or figure it out yourself?”

13. “Would you rather receive a gift from your partner every week, or go out for dinner with your partner every week?”

14. “Would you rather have a partner that’s very possessive and clingy, or have a partner that’s very negligent?”

15. “Would you rather have no Facebook for a year or read no books for a year?”

would you rather for couples

16. “Would you rather attend a car race or a baseball game together?”

17. “Would you rather go zip lining or bungee jumping together?”

18. “Would you rather attend a dog show or horse race together?”

19. “Would you rather eat only ice cream for the rest of your life, or never eat ice cream again?”

20. “Would you rather be with a jealous partner or a distant one?”

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21. “Would you rather be able to play any instrument flawlessly or be good at every sport?”

22. “Would you rather attend school with your partner, or work in the same place?”

23. “Would you rather have your partner surprise you with a shopping spree, or with a plane ticket?”

24. “Would you rather give up going to the cinema together, or give up going to the gym together?”

25. “Would you rather have your partner forget the day you met, or forget your birthday?”

26. “Would you rather go to a concert together, or to karaoke together?”

27. “Would you rather spend $5000 or save $5000?”

28. “Would you rather go to the theater or the movies as a couple?”

29. “Would you rather swim with dolphins or go whale watching together?”

30. “Would you rather cook for your significant other or cook as a couple?”

would you rather couples edition

31. “Would you rather be with a sweet computer geek or a sexy sports star?”

32. “Would you rather spend time at the beach or the ocean?”

33. “Would you rather your lover normally wear comfortable clothes or fashionable ones?”

34. “Would you rather be a night owl or an early riser?”

35. “Would you rather have a partner that’s very ambitious or a partner that’s very funny?”

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36. “Would you rather move with your partner somewhere you have never been, and get the chance to be very successful, or stay in the same situation you’re in?”

37. “Would you rather be the loudest in a room or the quietest in a room?”

38. “Would you rather live where you are or live somewhere else?”

39. “Would you rather go camping in a serene landscape or explore a beautiful bustling city?”

40. “Would you rather have a partner who is smart or a partner who is funny?”

41. “Would you rather be ugly and smart or beautiful/handsome and dumb?”

42. “Would you rather be able to sing or be able to draw?”

43. “Would you rather have children or a dog?”

44. “Would you rather be with someone who’s always on their phone or someone who’s always going through your phone?”

45. “Would you rather your partner be rich and cocky or broke and a sweetheart?”

would you rather relationship questions

Would you rather questions, Would You Rather Questions for Couples

46. “Would you rather live without movies or live without music?”

47. “Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?”

48. “Would you rather be able to teleport or have a private plane?”

49. “Would you rather look 10 years older from the neck up or down?”

50. “Would you rather always be underdressed or always be overdressed?”

51. “Would you rather have kids with your partner at 17, or at 45?”

52. “Would you rather watch an emotional movie with your partner or a horror movie?”

53. “Would you rather have goosebumps for a day or butterflies in your stomach for a day?”

54. “Would you rather do too much and feel burned out, or have lots of free time but feel like you’re missing out?”

55. “Would you rather spend most of your day alone or surrounded by people?”

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56. “Would you rather be with someone who is the life of the party or who is shy?”

57. “Would you rather visit Europe or South East Asia?”

58. “Would you rather be super intelligent or gifted in sports?”

59. “Would you rather know all the people your partner has been with or know known of them?”

60. “Would you rather be a power business couple or a famous movie star couple?”

Deep would you rather questions for couples

61. “Would you rather your partner outlive you or you outlive your partner?”

62. “Would you rather achieve all of your career goals but have no time for family or have all the time for family but not achieve everything you want to at work?”

63. “Would you rather live ten years longer with regrets or die ten years early with no regrets?”

64. “Would you rather give up sex or give up food?”

65. “Would you rather have a picnic with your partner or go to a fancy dinner?”

66. “Would you rather be in lust forever or be in love forever?”

67. “Would you rather be able to change the future or the past?”

68. “Would you rather be invisible or be able to read you lovers mind?”

69. “Would you rather have/have had a big wedding or elope?”

70. “Would you rather be 80 years old forever or five years old forever?”

71. “Would you rather have three great friends or 20 average friends?”

72. “Would you rather have a major pay rise or move to the place of your dreams?”

73. “Would you rather learn a sexy couples tango dance or go to a hip hop club together?”

74. “Would you rather your partner be very active on social media or not have any social media accounts?”

75. “Would you rather publish your search history across your social media or see your parent’s search history?”

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Would you rather questions funny

76. “Would you rather come home to a homemade dinner on the table or restaurant plans with another couple?”

77. “Would you rather hear a baby laugh or feel a cat purr?”

78. “Would you rather be too hot or too cold forever?”

79. “Would you rather smell a rose or watch a sunset?”

80. “Would you rather commit a crime with your partner or turn them in for a crime they committed?”

81. “Would you rather know how to juggle or how to do magic tricks?”

82. “Would you rather shave your partner’s head, or dye his/her hair neon green?”

83. “Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the best looking person in the room?”

84. “Would you rather have salty buttered popcorn or sweet caramel popcorn?”

85. “Would you rather have a partner that snores very loud or a partner that moves a lot in his/her sleep?”

86. “Would you rather let your partner cut your hair in a ridiculous way, or let him/her tattoo you in a spot you will get to choose?”

87. “Would you rather have a booger in your nose or something stuck between your teeth?”

88. “Would you rather have a partner that has a very weird sneeze, or a very weird laugh?”

89. “Would you rather share with your partner the same blanket, or share the same pillow?”

90. “Would you rather fly to the moon or visit the depths of the ocean?”

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Would you rather questions for married couples

91. “Would you rather be with someone who likes to go out every night or someone who likes to stay home every night?”

92. “Would you rather see your partner once a week, while he/she is in a very bad mood, or see him every month when he/she is at his/her best?”

93. “Would you rather have date night be dinner and the movies or bowling?”

94. “Would you rather know all the capitals in the world or all the currencies in the world?”

95. “Would you rather build something with your hands or create something on paper/computer?”

96. “Would you rather be inside when it’s raining or outside when it’s sunny?”

97. “Would you rather give up your phone or give up sweets?”

98. “Would you rather never hold your partner’s hand again, or never hug him/her again?”

99. “Would you rather spend Christmas with your partner, but not spend Valentine’s day with him/her, or spend Valentine’s day with your partner, but not Christmas?”

100. “Would you rather never be able to sleep next to your partner at night, but spend the day with him/her, or always spend the day away from him/her but see him/her at night?”

Relationship Would You Rather Questions

101. “Would you rather have weekend plans made or have nothing to do?”

102. “Would you rather your partner be besties with your boss or your best friend?”

103. “Would you rather be embarrassed in front of your in-laws or your partner’s boss?”

104. “Would you rather be failures together or become successful apart?”

105. “Would you rather euthanize your spouse yourself or have them live longer but die in pain?”

106. “Would you rather be in a bad relationship or alone for the rest of your life?”

107. “Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who never says “I Love You” or who never hugs you?”

108. “Would you rather spend 5 years away from your partner, but be sure you will reunite and get married after these 5 years, or stay together, not sure what may happen in 5 years?”

109. “Would you rather have a partner that’s very obsessed with video games or a partner that’s very obsessed with shopping?”

110. “Would you rather be stuck with your partner on an island, or be stuck in a mountain chalet?”

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