125 Best Would You Rather Questions For Kids

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Would You Rather Questions For Kids: Getting to know a child is never easy.  You probably think you know everything about your child, but do you really understand how their brain works, how they think?  Do you really know what they like?  Or how does he see different aspects of life?

If you’re looking for the best “Would you rather” questions for kids, we can help you with that.

“Here is a list of 125 “Would you rather” questions.” Questions that are suitable for kids of all ages. This question is a lot of fun, and it will help you get to know your child better.

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Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Would You Rather Questions For Kids, Would You Rather Questions

1. “Would you rather live in a Tree house or an Igloo?”

2. “Would you rather lick a dirty trash can or the bathroom floor?”

3. “Would you rather be able to slide down rainbows or jump on clouds?”

4. “Would you rather have to ride an elephant or a camel to school every day?”

5. “Would you rather have rainbow-colored skin or a voice that sings every time you speak?”

6. “Would you rather ride an elephant or a camel?”

7. “Would you rather eat one bar of chocolate or two popsicles?”

8. “Would you rather have a magic carpet or a magic wand?”

9. “Would you rather be invisible or be able to stop time?”

10. “Would you rather play with your friends in the park or play a video game?”

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11. “Would you rather ride a flying car or ride a unicorn?”

12. “Would you rather Ride a donkey to school or a llama?”

13. “Would you rather Dance in your underwear or dance with an embarrassing uncle?”

14. “Would you rather Never go to the toilet again or never sleep again?”

15. “Would you rather Sing every time you open your mouth or never talk again?”

16. “Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?”

17. “Would you rather be 5 years younger or 10 years older?”

18. “Would you rather live during the time of the dinosaurs or the time of the aliens?”

19. “Would you rather smell everything or smell nothing?”

20. “Would you rather Locked in a room with your worst enemy or locked in a room all alone?”

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Would you rather questions for kids ice breaker?

21. “Would you rather Get your hand stuck in a jam jar or your head stuck in a water bucket?”

22. “Would you rather Always giggle when someone speaks or always start weeping when someone starts talking?”

23. “Would you rather Give up pizza forever or never eat fries again?”

24. “Would you rather Eat a rotten egg or expired yoghurt from the fridge?”

25. “Would you rather Listen to the same song every day for the rest of your life or watch the same movie for the rest of your life?”

26. “Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?”

27. “Would you rather brush your teeth with soap or drink sour milk?”

28. “Would you rather sweat sticky lemonade or have your breath always smell like garlic?”

29. “Would you rather be incredibly funny or incredibly smart?”

30. “Would you rather Speak backwards or speak in rhyme?”

31th of 125 Would You Rather Questions For Kids

31. “Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet whale?”

32. “Would you rather Ban fruit forever or never eat broccoli again?”

33. “Would you rather Eat a whole tub of mayonnaise or a whole tub of ketchup?”

34. “Would you rather Eat a raw fish from the sea or a potato straight from the ground?”

35. “Would you rather Have all your teeth fall out or go fully bald?”

36. “Would you rather Drink a strawberry smoothie or a chocolate milkshake?”

37. “Would you rather Go camping with your family or hang out at the beach with your friends?”

38. “Would you rather Get really bad sunburn or forget your beach towel?”

39. “Would you rather Do homework all summer long or cut down summer holidays to 1 week only?”

40. “Would you rather Get stuck in your favorite video game or in your favorite movie?”

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Kid Friendly Would You Rather Questions

41. “Would you rather be really pretty or be really smart?”

42. “Would you rather swim with dolphins or swim with turtles?”

43. “Would you rather be an amazing dancer or an amazing singer?”

44. “Would you rather play football or hide and seek?”

45. “Would you rather Have super long hair or super long hand nails?”

46. “Would you rather surf in the ocean with a bunch of sharks or surf with a bunch or jellyfish?”

47. “Would you rather have a life-sized robot or a jetpack?”

48. “Would you rather be Captain America or Iron Man?”

49. “Would you rather be able to stop time or go back in time?”

50. “Would you rather Never-stop dancing or never stop singing forever?”

51. “Would you rather have tiger’s stripes or porcupine’s needles?”

52. “Would you rather see a firework display or go to a concert?”

53. “Would you rather go water skiing or snow skiing?”

54. “Would you rather eat donuts or candy?”

55. “Would you rather Float about like a ghost everywhere you go or slide around everywhere?”

56. “Would you rather fly a kite or ride on a scooter?”

57. “Would you rather have an extra finger or an extra toe?”

58. “Would you rather be able to talk to animals or read people’s minds?”

59. “Would you rather have to drink everything from your ears or eat everything with your belly button?”

60. “Would you rather Be known as the kung fu master or the smooth-talking assassin?”

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Printable Would you rather questions for kids

61. “Would you rather forever have to eat with your feet or walk with your hands?”

62. “Would you rather have a house that is built with jello or a car that is made with graham crackers and honey?”

63. “Would you rather have a full suit of armor or a horse?”

64. “Would you rather be a master at drawing or be an amazing singer?”

65. “Would you rather Live under a bridge like a troll or at a swamp like an ogre?”

66th of 125 Would You Rather Questions For Kids

66. “Would you rather play with a group of friends or your best friend?”

67. “Would you rather go to the playground or go to the swimming pool?”

68. “Would you rather be poor but famous, or be rich but no one knows you?”

69. “Would you rather have four arms or four legs?”

70. “Would you rather Have a sing-off with Ariana Grande or a dance-off with Beyonce?”

71. “Would you rather have to wear a clown nose or clown face paint for the rest of your life?”

72. “Would you rather live in the clouds or underwater?

73. “Would you rather Have a pool in your backyard or a home theatre room?”

74. “Would you rather Go to a fun fair this weekend or to the beach?”

75. “Would you rather Have flowers growing out of your hair or snake hair like Medusa?”

76. “Would you rather Play with water balloons or relax by the pool?”

77. “Would you rather Go camping outdoors or stay in a hotel?”

78. “Would you rather Take a private jet anywhere you like or own a private ship?”

79. “Would you rather Eat a watermelon flavored popsicle or a fresh watermelon?”

80. “Would you rather Have an elephant the size of a hamster or a hamster the size of an elephant?”

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81th of 125 Would You Rather Questions For Kids

81. “Would you rather get rid of all the mosquitos or all the bees?”

82. “Would you rather have no homework or no tests?”

83. “Would you rather fly a helicopter or a seaplane?”

84. “Would you rather live in a spaceship or a castle?”

85. “Would you rather Play soccer in high heels or basketball in roller skates?”

86. “Would you rather Travel for the rest of your life or never leave your home again?”

87. “Would you rather Visit every country on Earth or go into space?”

88. “Would you rather Kiss a frog or a rat?”

89. “Would you rather Have eight arms or eight legs?”

90. “Would you rather Wear clown shoes everyday or a clown nose everyday?”

91. “Would you rather Go on a date with a burping swan or a farting elephant?”

92. “Would you rather go to the circus or to a theme park?”

93. “Would you rather play video games or play board games?”

94. “Would you rather live in a pineapple-like Spongebob or live under a rock like Patrick?”

95. “Would you rather Live in a fish bowl or in a dog kennel?”

96. “Would you rather sweat sticky lemonade or have your breath always smell like garlic?”

97. “Would you rather have 10 fingers on each of your hands or 10 toes on each foot?”

98. “Would you rather not ever have to go to school or never have to do chores for the rest of your life?”

99. “Would you rather eat at McDonald’s or eat at Spongebob’s restaurant?”

100. “Would you rather Drink out of a baby bottle in public or wear a visible diaper in public?”

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Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids

101. “Would you rather live without Netflix or Youtube?”

102. “Would you rather see a mermaid or a unicorn when you were walking home from school?”

103. “Would you rather live somewhere that was always very cold or very hot?”

104. “Would you rather be called Boo Boo Butt or Willy Willy Wonky Face?”

105. “Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?”

106. “Would you rather live in a busy city or on a quiet countryside?”

107. “Would you rather all your clothes were white or all your clothes were black?”

108. “Would you rather live inside a banana or a watermelon?”

109. “Would you rather be able to hear things no one else could or see things no one else could?”

110. “Would you rather catch a frog or a fly?”

111. “Would you rather have 10 brothers and sisters or no siblings?”

112. “Would you rather have all brothers or all sisters?”

113. “Would you rather have to live without running water or no electricity?”

114. “Would you rather take a skunk for a walk or a porcupine?”

115. “Would you rather eat all junk on one day or one junk food per day?”

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116th of 125 Would You Rather Questions For Kids

116. “Would you rather lie to your best friend or parents?”

117. “Would you rather go to a zoo or an amusement park?”

118. “Would you rather have magical powers or have a genie grant you wishes?”

119. “Would you rather have to brush your teeth five times a day or brush your hair five times a day?”

120. “Would you rather go on a vacation or visit your grandparents during the holidays?”

121. “Would you rather work at NASA or the FBI?”

122. “Would you rather dress as your school principal or your math teacher?”

123. “Would you rather teacher someone a new joke or a new dance?”

124. “Would you rather live near a forest or live near an ocean?”

125. “Would you rather live without music or live without books?”

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